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Beyond The Summit’s BOT TI Is Back For Another Year

Posted 4th July 2019 By: Derpina    157 Views

Beyond The Summit's BOT TI Is Back For Another Year- Tipify

Esports News – The most prestigious Dota 2 tournament in the world, The International 9, is almost here, and Beyond The Summit’s esports production company brings back BOT TI to entertain the fans once again. BOT TI is dubbed by the company as the greatest “no prize pool, no pro player Dota 2 event” in the world.

About BOT TI

BOT TI is a tournament controlled by Beyond The Summit’s computer system. Valve is out of the picture, but the loadouts and heroes are based on DotaBuff’s tracking and function as bots. The tournament has no professional players, so there won’t be a prize pool. Fans can watch matches led by Dota heroes. The main goal of BOT TI is to provide entertaining content to broadcast while the actual TI9 is going on.

BOT TI will feature 117 Dota heroes. They will compete against each other in a five-versus-five tournament. Each team or match will have five copies of the same hero. The tournament brackets are seeded based on win rates from pubs. Spectators can bet on matches since there will be a fantasy sports tie-in before the tournament starts.

The match duration is limited to 30 seconds, but each match may scale upward depending on how the heroes rank and level. In game 1, the bots are instantly set at level 5. They will reach level 15 and 25 in games 2 and 3, respectively. To level the playing field, each level or additional level follows a set of restrictions based on what heroes the matches will feature in their loadouts. Beyond The Summit revealed that level 5 will require all heroes to only use Ironwood Branches, and they will open 10,000 and 20,000 gold for levels 15 and 25.

Beyond The Summit also bans some Dota 2 items, especially Blademail and Black King Bar. The complete list of banned items will be revealed days before the actual event begins or on the event itself by the company’s chosen live commentator. Beyond The Summit Twitch’s Channel handles the complete broadcast of the event from July 8 to 14 and August 1 to 4.


Written by Derpina