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Chaos Esports Club Wins The International 9 EU Closed Qualifier

Posted 15th July 2019 By: Derpina    160 Views

Chaos Esports Club Wins The International 9 EU Closed Qualifier - Tipify

Esports News – Little by little, The International 9 draws near the end of closed qualifiers to determine the final competing teams. The most recent region to conclude its list of representatives is Europe. With that, here are the European teams who dominated the EU closed qualifiers group stage and the final team to represent the region.

Closed qualifier recap

This region showcased upsets and surprising results. Some of the heavy favorites failed to make it to the playoffs, while new faces impressed the crowd and proved themselves worthy of the biggest prize pool in esports history.

The underdog team Hippomaniacs dominated the first round of the group stages and qualifiers. They actually finished first in the group stages, shocking the fans and other opposing teams. However, their tournament run wasn’t that consistent. The team suffered two losses in a row, giving the second team a chance to secure the remaining slot for TI9. The second team on the run was Chaos Esports Club.

Chaos Esports Club managed to find their way through the competition despite their losses. The team faced The Final Tribe in the grand finals to secure their ticket at the competition.

In game one, Chaos Esports Club, led by Lasse Aukusti “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen, just needed 24 minutes to draw first blood and end the round. They completely defeated The Final Tribe’s members during their encounter in the laning stage. It seems like the opposing team wasn’t prepared for a teamfight. This first victory allowed Chaos to have an early lead and a steady fight later on.

The exact same thing nearly happened in game two, except that The Final Tribe learned to put up some fight. This time, Chaos manipulated their enemies and executed a more push-based lineup. The move was effective, and they’ve closed out game 2 as early as game 1.

With only one game away from the most-coveted TI9 ticket, Chaos unraveled their full potential. They took advantage of the laning stage, allowing MATUMBAMAN to once again lead the front. They’ve easily defeated The Final Tribe and secured their slot for TI9.

Confirmed teams
Team Secret
Vici Gaming
Evil Geniuses
Team Liquid
Keen Gaming
The Alliance
TNC Predator
Ninjas In Pyjamas
Royal Never Give Up
Chaos Esports Club


Written by Derpina