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Dota 2 Patch 7.22e: Item Changes, Buffs, And Nerfs

Posted 16th July 2019 By: Derpina    357 Views

Dota 2 Patch 7.22e: Item Changes, Buffs, And Nerfs - Tipify

Esports News – The closed qualifiers of The International 9 have concluded, and we’re on our way to the official tournament which will be accompanied by Dota 2 patch 7.22e. The new patch update introduces balances and item changes; some of the biggest and underrated heroes were been buffed and nerfed. Here are the most significant changes in the new update:

Item changes

Stout Shields used by offlaners Axe and Dark Seer had the biggest update. Before, the item allows hero to use two Stout Shields to defend their positions. Having one Stout Shield leaves an offlaner vulnerable to attacks as two of these items had a 75% chance to block 20 damage—and it was even open for stacking. In patch 7.22e, however, Valve removed the stacking feature of Stout Shields. Now, no matter how many Stout Shields a hero uses, there will always be a fixed 50% chance to block 20 damage for melee heroes and 9 damage for ranged agility heroes.

Buffed and nerfed heroes

We have two ranged agility heroes as the highlights of this patch. Valved focused their resources on Drow Ranger but downgraded the previous versions of Morphling.

Drow Ranger’s knockback distance talent was removed from the game, but her Level 15 Talent was updated. Her Level 15 Talent ‘s +550 GustDistance/Knockback was changed to +30% Gust Miss Chance and her +10 Agility was increased to +14. Players can now control her easily, particularly right clickers. With an additional knockback distance, Drow Ranger can effectively banish an opponent out of sight in one snap. This can always give her a chance to strategize and attack.

Meanwhile, ranged agility hero Morphling didn’t have a chance to prove itself in patch 7.22. His base armor was reduced to 1, and his Level 20 Talent was changed from Morph Targets Allies to +15% Cooldown Reduction. Although his Morph Scepter now enables ally targeting, it will no longer reduce cooldowns by 35%. This is by far the biggest update for the hero, but it won’t be putting Morphling in the spotlight anytime soon.

7.22e to 7.23

The International 9 is approaching, so there’s a huge possibility that patch 7.22e will be featured in the tournament. If one can remember, the final patch in last year’s DPC was released after The Summit 9. Patch 7.23 might come after the tournament ends.


Written by Derpina