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The International 9 Open Qualifiers Winning Teams

Posted 8th July 2019 By: Derpina    319 Views

The International 9 Open Qualifiers Winning Teams - Tipify

Esports News – Dota 2’s The International 9 is finally upon us. After finalizing the direct invites and the  highly-anticipated open qualifiers in the works, we now have a list of the teams who cemented their spots for the regional qualifiers. It’s time for the official event to commence—where we see the final set of teams competing for the biggest prize pool in esports history.


This region carries the most notable teams in this year’s Dota Pro Circuit season. In the open qualifiers, we saw Newbee and Team Serenity nail the two open qualifier spots for their region. Although the two teams showed average results this season, they will still join EHOME, Team Aster, Royal Never Give Up, Team Sirius, Invictus Gaming, and CDEC Gaming in the regional qualifiers from July 11 to 14.

Southeast Asia

For the first time in years, SEA opens three qualifier spots in the second set of the region’s tournaments. The final three teams joining Mineski, BOOM ID, Team Jinesbrus, Team Adroit, and EVOS Esports in the regional qualifiers are 496 Gaming from Vietnam, Team Amplfy from the Philippines, and Resurgence from Singapore.


Vega Squadron and Nemiga takes two qualifier spots for CIS. Although underrated, both teams have a complete CIS lineup that features high-ranking players. The regional qualifiers and TI9 gives them a chance to finally make a name in the competitive Dota 2 circle. Vega and Nemiga will join Natus Vincere, Team Empire, Gambit Esports, Winstrike Team, Team Spirit, and FlyToMoon in the next event.


Like SEA, Europe needs three teams for the regional qualifiers. Bald, Six Eight Two, and Team Singularity bagged all three spots. The first two teams feature players yet to be exposed to high levels of competition, but their skills can now be tested at the regional qualifiers when they fight beside The Final Tribe, Chaos Esports Club, Epic Name, Anti-MagE-, and Hippomaniacs.

North America

NA has two spots open for the regional qualifiers. USA’s Black Sheep and Canada’s swaaag sealed their places for the two spots. Despite their origins, both teams feature mixed players from North America. They join Complexity Gaming, Forward Gaming, J.Storm, beastcoast, Team Xolotl, and Kookaburra in the next tournament.

South America

Surprisingly, Peruvian teams and players dominated the SA qualifier. EgoBoys’ full-Peruvian lineup and Gorillaz-Pride’s Peruvian and Ecuadorian players join the rosters of paiN Gaming, Team Ham, Thunder Predator, Infamous, FURIA Esports, and SG e-sports in the regional qualifiers.


Written by Derpina