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Newbee Wins First Major Title At World Cyber Games 2019

Posted 25th July 2019 By: Derpina    207 Views

Newbee Wins First Major Title At World Cyber Games 2019 - Tipify

Esports News – Chinese Dota 2 team and TI9 regional finalist Newbee is finally on the spotlight. The team won their first-ever major tournament of the year at the World Cyber Games (WCG) 2019, defeating 7 other participants from America, APAC, China, and Europe. Newbee took home the championship trophy and the $80,000 prize money.

Tournament recap

The drought is over for Newbee at the WCG 2019. Despite the team’s struggles this year and in 2018, they’ve finally proven themselves in a major competition before The International 9 begins. They won’t be joining the powerhouse teams in TI9, but expect the team to show up in major Dota 2 tournaments in the future.

Newbee went 7-0 in the group stage and moved on to the semifinals to defeat Slovakian team Hippomaniacs. In the end, they had to face Filipino team Cignal Ultra at the grand finals to secure the title.

Hippomaniacs is known for their recent appearance at the TI9 European closed qualifiers. They got eliminated after facing the region’s eventual winner, Chaos EC, but the team’s TI9 performances were nothing but impressive. At WCG 2019, meanwhile, Newbee took down through three hard-fought games in the semifinals.

Newbee advanced to the grand finals to face Cignal Ultra, a newly-established Filipino esports organization. Cignal Ultra’s players took the finals as an opportunity to cement their name in the international Dota 2 scene, but Newbee fought hard to prevent that from happening.

In the first game, Newbee star player Song “Sccc” Chun used Ember Spirit to execute 18 kills (with zero deaths). The team easily won the opening match because of the combined performances of Sccc and Tan “JiaJia” Lijia.

The second game was more interesting than the first. Sccc used Queen of Pain to take an early lead and make things easier for Newbee. The team’s momentum continued into the middle of the game until Cignal Ultra couldn’t keep up anymore. In the end, Newbee forced Cignal Ultra to concede and ended the match in less than 30 minutes.

Newbee Roster

Player Position
Tan “JiaJia” Lijia 1
Song “Sccc” Chun 2
Wen “awen” Lipeng 3
Yan “Waixi” Chao 4
Lu “Fenrir” Chao 5 (Loan)


Written by Derpina