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The International 9 Playoffs Recap For SEA, SA, And CIS Regions

Posted 10th July 2019 By: Derpina    154 Views

The International 9 Playoffs Recap For SEA, SA, And CIS Regions - Tipify

Esports News – The group stages and open qualifiers of The International 9 are far behind. We now move on to the next stage of the tournament. The playoffs for the TI9 regional qualifiers in SEA, CIS, and SA are set to conclude tomorrow, and only one team per region will emerge as a winner.

Playoffs format

The qualification for TI9 is divided into two phases. In phase one, 8 teams in a single group plays a BO1, round-robin series. The top 4 teams then advance to the playoffs, while the bottom 4 are eliminated. In phase two, 4 teams compete in a BO3, double-elimination series. The last two contenders from each region will settle the winner in a BO5 series. The last man standing in that region advances to The International 9 and get a shot at the biggest prize pool in esports history.

At press time, the qualification moves on from phase one to phase two. The remaining teams vying for the final spot in the regional qualifiers have to compete at the playoffs, 4-team double-elimination bracket in BO3 series, and grand finals in BO5 series to determine the winner for each region.

Recap and brackets


496 Gaming, BOOM ID, Evos Esports, and Resurgence recently lost their places in phase one. The teams who advanced to the playoffs are Team Jinesbrus, Team Amplfy, Team Adroit, and Mineski. Despite failing to reach the upper bracket, Team Jinesbrus with players hailing from Thailand, South Korea, and the United States is dominating the region and took the first place position without breaking a sweat. Meanwhile, the world waits for another bracket winner to face Mineski in the grand finals.


CIS featured one of the biggest upsets this season when Gambit Esports failed to qualify for the playoffs. The powerhouse team left the competition early with Nemiga Gaming, FlyToMoon, and Team Spirit. Consequently, Vega Squadron, Winstrike Team, Team Empire, and Natus Vincere advanced to the playoffs. Winstrike won the upper bracket matches. The team is now waiting for their final opponent: Vega Squadron or Na’Vi.


The newly-signed SA team Infamous ended up in the first place. They joined Thunder Predator, Pain Gaming, and Ego Boys in the playoffs and said goodbye to Team Ham, Furia Esports, Gorillaz-Pride, and SG e-sports. Now, Pain Gaming is waiting for Infamous to win or lose their game in the lower bracket matches.


Written by Derpina