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The International 9 Prize Pool Breaks Esports Records

Posted 3rd July 2019 By: Derpina    521 Views

The International 9 Prize Pool Breaks Esports Records - Tipify

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Esports News – Another year, another Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season. This year’s tournament season of Dota 2 is now near its end as The International 9 approaches, and it seems like the largest tournament in the history of esports is ready to break another record. TI9 recently surpassed TI8’s prize pool and is anticipated to feature 30 million in total prize money.

Prize tracker

The official website for Dota 2 Prize Tracker monitors the movement of the prize pool daily. Before the new system started, it was evident that TI9’s prize pool is way ahead of the pace of TI8. Although the from TI7 to TI8 ($24,787,916 to $25,532,177) was not too significant, the crowdfunding effort of Dota 2 fans this year erased doubts and exceeded expectations. The TI9 campaign is currently $6,188,610 or around 25% higher than TI9.

At press time, the TI9 prize pool is at $25,702,092. The $24,102,092 of the current total came from crowdfunding, while the other or the base prize pool $1,600,000 comes from Valve. This year’s crowdfunding system shames last year’s total of $25,532,177, and it will continue to do so for the following weeks with the help of the continuously growing community of Dota 2. Both qualified teams and direct invites are sure to bring the level of competition a notch higher with bigger prizes up for grabs.

Crowdfunding system

Players and fans from Dota 2’s global community are responsible for the huge chunk of the prize pool. Anyone can add to it pool by purchasing the TI9 Battle Pass, add-ons and levels, and TI9-themed loot boxes in the game. Purchased levels can grant players in-game rewards, and loot boxes offer exclusive cosmetic items. 25% of all TI9-related purchases from the crowd is automatically added to the prize pool, while the rest of the microtransactions will go to Valve.

The crowdfunding period ends on TI9’s grand finals, so players still have the power to increase the prize pool until the winner is crowned. The grand final is scheduled on August 25th, leaving players to manipulate the prize pool for over a month.


Written by Derpina