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Hero Predictions For The International 9

Posted 13th August 2019 By: Derpina    238 Views

Hero Predictions For The International 9 - Tipify

Esports News – Only 3 days to go before The International 9 kicks off. As the competing teams prepare, fans are also taking their time in making predictions. And aside from the Dota 2 teams and players, they also consider the heroes.

Most picked hero

It’s difficult to predict who the most-picked hero in TI9 will be. Dota 2 currently has 115 unique heroes, and the majority of them are used by players for different purposes. Additionally, professional players shift from one hero to another as to not let their opponents predict their next set of actions. Regardless, the fans are eyeing Ember Spirit and Centaur Warrunner.

Valve recently nerfed Ember Spirit in the last few patches, including a few more changes with several heroes in patch 7.22f. The update went well, and it had increased his popularity and hero performance. Centaur Warrunner, on the other hand, remains to be the most popular offlaner in Dota 2.

Most banned hero

Fans only have one most banned hero in mind, IO. Although the hero has lots of potentials, IO is not balanced and can easily control an entire game if used effectively. It won’t be fair if one team would use him against all other balanced heroes. IO can easily give the trophy to Team Liquid or Team Secret.

Highest win rate

Heroes with the highest win rate are always the last ones to be picked. They are always the surprise pick, especially for weaker teams. With that, teams would likely use the perfectly balanced hero like Meepo, Broodmother, or Dragon Knight.

Highest kill average

This prediction will automatically pick the top killers. Heroes with the most reliable win condition and average damage always get the highest kill average in any Dota 2 game. For that reason, the majority of the predictions goes to Clinkz and BloodSeeker.

Highest assist average

The best heroes in terms of assisting are usually versatile. They excel in popularity and power level, so they can dodge any attack to deal with the enemies and protect the pack. This category will probably go to Spirit Breaker and Ancient Apparition.

Lowest death average

Anti-Mage, Naga Siren, and Ember Spirit are the top choices here. These three can easily avoid enemy attacks and hide from the game when they need to. Most of the time, heroes with the lowest death average make sure that that rarely show on the map.

Highest last hit average

Anti-Mage also dominates this category, and so are Medusa, Sven, and Timbersaw. Like heroes with the lowest death average, the ones who have the highest last hit average hide from enemies until their teams need that last, big shot to bring down the enemies.

Highest XPM average

XPM is one of the performance indicators in Dota 2. Surprisingly, this category can only be dominated by Meepo. Despite being one of the hardest carries in the game, the Geomancer is a melee agility hero that has impressive attack speed, attack range, and movement range.

Most kills in one game

It’s difficult to predict the perfect hero for this category since the players also control the heroes’ abilities and number of kills. But the best heroes that can grab the title are Naga Siren, Sven, and Medusa. These heroes can easily dismantle their opponents in teamfights.


Written by Derpina