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RFRSH Entertainment To Sell CS:GO Team Astralis

Posted 1st August 2019 By: Derpina    239 Views

RFRSH Entertainment To Sell CS:GO Team Astralis - Tipify

Esports News – RFRSH Entertainment, a privately-owned esports media production company handling several powerhouse teams, recently revealed its decision to sell their competitive branches. Astralis is now moving on to a new company for an undisclosed fee.

The deal will be finalized next week. Astralis and Origen, RFRSH’s League of Legends squad, transfers to Astralis Group ApS, a new company owned and operated by Danish sports entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Transfer of ownership

The main decision to sell Astralis and Origen wasn’t disclosed by RFRSH, but it was reported that Nikolaj Nyholm, the Founder and CEO of the company, will take a new position in the Astralis Group. Also leaving RFRSH is co-founder Jakob Lund Kristensen, Sports Director Kasper Hvidt, and VP of Communications & Brand, Steen Laursen.

Leading the announcement of their new business venture, Nyholm, released a press statement: “I am really proud of what we have achieved, but at some point, we had to make a choice, and my heart is close to Astralis and Origen…We also do this in order to separate ownership between RFRSH and the teams.”

The creation of Astralis Group ApS is enough proof that there was no conflict of interest or tension between the Blast Pro Series and Astralis—two esports entities that were both managed by RFRSH. The CEO and its team will only separate themselves from the company.

The news broke out after an email to Richard Lewis was leaked. The message clarified that Astralis and RFRSH still have a healthy relationship. Here’s an excerpt: “We must also recognize that the promise we gave two years ago – to, after a build-up phase, separate ownership of competition and team – is about ripe. The Astralis players have, as you all know, felt this on their social media streams and I have no doubt that it has affected them since Miami.”

Astralis’ current position

Astralis is one of the strongest teams in the CS:GO competitive scene. They won the first-ever Intel Grand Slam Award. This year, however, that position is being threatened by the unstoppable Team Liquid. Astralis currently sits third in the HLTV World Rankings, sitting below Team Liquid and Team Vitality.


Written by Derpina