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Riot ‘Accidentally’ Leaks New LoL Champion

Posted 16th August 2019 By: Derpina    440 Views

Riot 'Accidentally' Leaks New LoL Champion - Tipify

Esports News – Riot Games just updated League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment (PBE) to give way to their new ranking system, Eternals, and other in-game features. At the current time, developers are working on a special loading screen for champion Nocturne’s new Elderwood skin, but something unexpected happened.

Riot may or may not have leaked a new LoL champion during the update. Reports say that Riot uploaded an incorrect file to the game’s testing server, giving players their first glimpse of a possible new champion.

Splash art description

The splash art the developers accidentally shown on screen was slightly blurred for everyone to see. With the help of some fans, the image became more visible. Although the art itself looks unfinished, the features surrounding the champion give enough information for the overall concept design.

If one can remember, Riot previously announced from their Champion Roadmap last April that the next champion following Qiyana would be a “very non-traditional marksman”. Riot also added that the new champion will use light and energy as a weapon. From that statement alone, fans might have gotten a first glimpse of what Riot was talking about.

Unraveling the splash art, it seems like the new champion is a woman carrying a giant weapon on her back. She carries another small weapon of the same kind with her left hand. The weapons resemble a large set of metal jaws that act as an extension of the champion’s body. She can be really deadly at close range fights.

Fans aren’t sure if the design of the weapons are on their finishing touches already, since one of the three has a golden lettering. If we take a look at the two weapons, the third one is out of place. So, some fans claim that the weapon’s designs are for rendering purposes only. Anyhow, we still need to wait for Riot’s official announcements.

Past Champions

It was rare for Riot to release new champions in the past. But just recently, the developers surprised LoL players with frequent champion releases. With a 2-month interval, they introduced Sylas and Neeko. Months later, we’ve met Yuumi and Qiyana. If the mysterious splash art was leaked by the developer, then we have a new champion coming up.


Written by Derpina