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TI9’s Immortal Treasure 3 Early Release Receives Mixed Reactions

Posted 7th August 2019 By: Derpina    466 Views

TI9's Immortal Treasure 3 Early Release Receives Mixed Reactions - Tipify

Esports News – To everyone’s surprise, Valve released the Immortal Treasure 3 less than 10 days before The International 9 officially begins. The new treasure loot contains new Immortal and rare items for several heroes, but received mixed reviews from the global community.

About the Immortal Treasure 3

The Battle Pass was initially released as part of the crowdfunding effort to increase TI9’s prize pool. It successfully garnered $30 million, surpassing last year’s $25 million-dollar prize pool and setting a new esports record.

To further promote TI9, Immortal Treasure 3 opens opportunities to fans and players who want to get their hands on some new and rare in-game items. It’s available for players at levels 1, 140, 164, 178, 194, 206, 240 and every 30 levels after each new mark.

The Immortal Treasure 3 offers the following items:

Crucible of Rile (Axe) – a head item with custom effects for Axe’s Berserker’s Call

Golden Crucible of Rile (Axe) – a rare gold version of the item

Maraxiform’s Fate (Clinkz) – custom effects for Clinkz’s Strafe and Burning Army

Scythes of Sorrow (Terrorblade) – changes Terrorblade’s auto-attack effect during his Metamorphosis

Bloodmayne Avenger (Lycan) – a new head piece for Lycan that gives his howl a custom effect

Progenitor’s Bane (Mars) – custom effects for Spear of Mars

First of the Flood (Slardar) – a back piece with custom sound and animation for Slardar’s Guardian Spirit

Sullen Rampart (Necrophos) – a leg item with custom effects for Necrophos’ Ghost Shroud

Overgrown Emblem – an item from Immortal Treasure I that offers custom ambient effects for any hero

50 Battle Pass Levels – a rare reward that offers 50 bonus levels to a player’s current Battle Pass

From the list, Axe, Clinkz, Terrorblade, Lycan, Mars, Slardar, and Necrophos all have Immortal items. All of which are categorized as regular, rare, very rare, ultra rare, and cosmically rare.

Public reception

The Immortal Treasure III received mixed reviews on different social media platforms, especially on Reddit. Some were disappointed that heroes like Chen, Techies, Io, and Arc Warden still don’t have Immortal items, while others are happy with the bonus 50 Battle Pass Levels.

Here are some of the most trending reactions from fans around the world:

@ Feetsenpai: “Lmao I hate all of these cosmetics I swear it’s been these same heroes a few times lately”

@rafitoxD: “Got 50 levels, not so disappointing at all.”

@giz0r: “Necro is absolutely insane. Holy shit. The rest are actual garbage.;edit: Mars is decent too”


Written by Derpina