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Trending Heroes From The International 9 Group Stage

Posted 20th August 2019 By: ThisIsSam    289 Views

Trending Heroes From The International 9 Group Stage - Tipify

Esports News – The International 9 recently concluded its group stages with OG and PSG.LGD dominating while leaving Ninjas and Pyjamas and Chaos Esports Club behind to proceed with the remaining 16 teams. There’s a lot to learn from the performances of the upper and lower-bracket finalists, especially the way they use their heroes.

Elder Titan and Shadow Demon are the best hard support heroes

The two most-picked heroes this season are Elder Titan and Shadow Demon. The two have 54 and 51 picks from this season, respectively. And they both share a win rate of over 56 percent.

The reason for their popularity is quite obvious. Elder Titan and Shadow Demon’s heroes skill sets have turned them into dominant support picks. Both of the heroes possess a vision ability that can instantly increase their damage potential when needed. Elder Titan, for instance, can be more aggressive if he’s using Earth Splitter in a long-range zone. Shadow Demon, on the other hand, can be more defensive when controlling enemy heroes with his Demonic Purge and Disruption.

Mirana’s impressive high-kill potential

Mirana currently boasts a 64 percent win rate and 8.47 KDA in the group stage, one of the highest this season. Out of her thirty-three matches from different Dota 2 teams, Mirana impressed all players with her high-kill potential and repositioning ability. According to some, she can be a powerful roamer and core at the same time.

Due to Mirana’s current state, she can easily improve her powers and abilities using magical items like Aghanim’s Scepter, Mekansm, Sacred Arrow, and Moonlight Shadow. Players and analysts still observe her new buffs this season to unlock Mirana’s full potential.

Storm Spirit’s emerging popularity

The International 9 puts Storm Spirit back in the spotlight. His glory days as a midlaner are now appreciated by TI9 participants. The last day of the group stage saw most teams employing Storm Spirit as one of their elemental heroes. He was picked 11 times in 24 games, and what’s more surprising is that he won eight out of 11 games.

It seems like teams are favoring midlaner heroes that can control crowds and destroy towers. Aside from Storm Spirit, Tiny, Kunkka, and Broodmother also saw a huge increase in demand.


Written by ThisIsSam