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Blast Pro Series: Moscow 2019 Teams And Format

Posted 12th September 2019 By: Derpina    158 Views

Blast Pro Series: Moscow 2019 Teams And Format - Tipify

Esports News – Blast Pro Series: Moscow begins the next set of CS:GO matches after the Starladder Berlin Major. This coming Friday and Saturday, it will see 6 teams compete for the global rankings and the lion’s share of the $250,000 prize pool.

Moscow’s edition marks the fifth tournament in the 2019 circuit and the penultimate tournament of the Blast Pro Series 2019. Despite being one of the last tournaments, this event will give huge opportunities for players struggling to dominate the ladder.

Participating teams

Moscow is one of the most important tournaments in the Blast Pro Series, but it won’t include all the powerhouse teams this year. Astralis, Team Liquid, Faze Clan, and their rivals have other things in mind. Besides, they’re not struggling for points. Natus Vincere, Ninjas in Pyjamas, ENCE Esports, MIBR, AVANGAR, and forZe are the only teams attending the tournament in Moscow.

In other news, here are the current standings of all CS:GO teams fighting for a spot in the Global Finals:

Team Liquid – 26 points
Astralis – 22 points
FaZe Clan – 20 points
NiP – 10 points
MIBR – 8 points
Na’Vi – 8 points
Cloud 9 – 6 points

The top four teams with the highest circuit points in the 2019 season will qualify for the Global Finals this December. For those teams who won’t make it to Moscow, they have to execute their best performances at BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2019, the final tournament leading to the Global Finals.

Tournament format

The 6 teams officially open Blast Pro Series: Moscow with a single round-robin format in the group stage. All matches are in BO1, and only the top two teams will advance to the Grand Finals. The final match is in a BO3 series. The winner of the series receives 10 BPS points to qualify for the Global Finals.

Aside from the main event, the organizers will once again open The BLAST Pro Standoff with five 1v1 aim duels. This is a prize bonus show match where star players from each team can compete. The winner gets to take home the $20,000 bonus prize.


Written by Derpina