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LoL All-Star Event Returns This December 2019

Posted 24th September 2019 By: Derpina    224 Views

LoL All-Star Event Returns This December 2019 - Tipify

Esports News – The League of Legends World Championship and its list of qualified teams continue to heat up, but Riot Games has one more surprise for fans and players later this year. The annual LoL All-Stars is set to grace the Esports Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada from December 5 to 7.

Tournament details

The 2019 All-Star Event invites pros and content creators in one arena for a 3-day event that hosts LoL tournaments, charity games, and custom game modes. Only 30+ participants featured in last year’s event, but Riot invited over 60 members from the League of Legends Partner Program this year to face some of the best professional players in the scene.

2 professional players from each participating region will compete in the event, together with 6 professional “All-Star Invitees” hand-picked by Riot Games. These players will face a group of competitors, streamers, cosplayers, TFT personalities, and LoL community members around the world.

According to Riot’s Nexus post, here’s how the selection process goes:

Fans vote for two pros from their regional league to send to All-Star. Any pro who played in the most recent competitive split is eligible;
Fans can cast votes for other regions as well, though foreign votes are weighted to make up no more than 20% of the total vote within any given region;
Top 2 vote-getters (regardless of team or role) in each region gets and invite to the All-Star Event;
Standings updates will be provided on LoL Esports social channels and the voting site.

All participants have to compete in one or more game modes: All-Star 1v1 Tournament, TFT Tournament, 5v5 Summoner’s Rift, Show Matches, URF mode (original blind pick, not ARURF), and Tandem mode.

Aside from the confirmed game modes, Riot promises to include Teamfight Tactics, but it’s still unknown whether they’ll change the mechanics for the round-based strategy mode or not. If the implementation is successful, we’ll see 14 opponents from the pool of pro players and partner program compete in a free-for-all race.

Watch out for more updates on and LoL’s official social media accounts regarding the voting and event registration. Riot is expected to announce more League content on the actual event.


Written by Derpina