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LoL’s Mobile Version Leaks Reveal Champion Select Footage

Posted 11th September 2019 By: Derpina    440 Views

LoL's Mobile Version Leaks Reveal Champion Select Footage - Tipify

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Esports News – Earlier last week, a leaked video of League of Legends on mobile shocked the entire esports community. The player on the video seems to show how the MOBA game would look like on mobile platforms. Feeding the rumor, other information was leaked this week, which shows a screen-captured image of LoL mobile version’s champion select.

Whether the first video’s real or not, there are legitimate reports prior to the leak that confirms Riot Game’s plans to develop a mobile version of the popular game. Although Riot previously rejected the idea because of its complexity, it was reported last May that Chinese company Tencent and Riot themselves are working on the project. Besides, the video and the new champion select leak look real enough.

Champion select on mobile

The leaked image came from the YouTube Channel of BARRY CARRY – LoL Mobile Community Page, one of the YouTubers who have been following LoL’s mobile development. All eyes are on Riot and Tencent now.

The footage displays navigation menus, emblems or talents, the matchmaking lobby, and the champion select area of the pre-match preparations. The emblem is something the players can use to upgrade their champions using in-game currencies. The matchmaking lobby, meanwhile, clearly shows the Summoner’s Rift. All in all, almost everything looks similar to the desktop version.

The player manipulating the game on the video selects Vanye as a champion and added the Keystone rune and two Summoner Spells to the game. Unlike the desktop version, there’s a series of animation for each selection.

As the player makes his selection, the screen also shows other elements commonly seen on LoL. On the right-hand side, there’s the list of the champion’s spells available for selection before locking-in the character. On the lower-left corner, there’s a three-lane battleground where players can assign champions to different spots.

After the selection stage, a loading scene appeared. The navigation then landed on a map that clearly looks like the actual Summoner’s Rift in the game. The player was given the option to use and purchase starting items without an active input before starting the game. The leak didn’t show an actual sample of how a match will start, but it looks like there’s a new graphical interface for the mobile version after matchmaking.


Written by Derpina