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Riot Games Celebrates 10th Anniversary With A New Logo

Posted 25th September 2019 By: Derpina    198 Views

Riot Games Celebrates 10th Anniversary With A New Logo - Tipify

Esports News – There’s no denying that League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games today. Year by year, the game manages to adapt to the ever-changing trends and technology. Hundreds of LoL tournaments grace different parts of the globe, ranging from amateur to pro events. Each year, the game has seen nothing but success. And the iconic game celebrates 10th anniversary with a handful of surprises—starting with a new logo.

Riot decided to revamp the League of Legends logo, as well as their official company logo. There’s nothing wrong with the previous ones that Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck introduced 12 years ago, but Riot and its team of developers needed something that can keep up with the style of today’s generation.

From Riot Game’s official web post, they shared the whats and whys about the logo update: “As technology changed and we began playing in new environments, it became clear that the logo we used for so long and had grown so fond of needed a rework…After working closely with Marc and Brandon, and our CEO Nicolo, we created, what we think, is something that captures the spirit of our original logo while giving it the update it needed.”

The new Riot Games logo is much simpler—yet more impactful than the first one. The developers left the loud, red colors of Riot Games and settled for plain white text over a pastel red background. This time, the iconic fist on the first logo was separated from ‘Riot Games’. The designers said that the fist looks better when it’s alone.

To join the company’s modern logo, Riot also tweaked the current League of Legends logo. Although it’s not as game-changing as the company’s new logo, LoL has a new font now.

Other special announcements

This coming October, Riot Games prepared various events and activities for LoL players, fans, and streamers to celebrate the anniversary worldwide. There will be another League of Legends All-Star Event in December. And in accordance with LoL’s milestone through the years, Riot will have livestreams and other online events on their channel starting at 6:00 pm PST on October 15. The first wave of streams will be a special 10th Anniversary Edition of Riot Plz.


Written by Derpina