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League of Legends Worlds Play-In Stage, Day 2 Recap

Posted 4th October 2019 By: Derpina    262 Views

League of Legends Worlds Play-In Stage, Day 2 Recap

Esports News – The League of Legends World Championship this year continues with another set of matches on its second day. This time, the Play-Ins feature teams from South Korea and other minor regions. Teams under Groups C and D fought for survival to secure a slot in the next stage of the competition. Here’s a quick recap for day 2:

Group C

-Hong Kong Attitude, third seed of the LMS
-Lowkey Esports, second seed of the VCS
-MEGA, first seed of the LST

Group C lacked aggressive teams and aggressive playstyle. Interestingly, all matches started calmly.

MEGA, the team that dominated the League of Legends SEA Tour, went against Hong Kong Attitude. MEGA threw a series of obstacles for HKA in the early rounds when toplaner Chen “3z” Han was using Quinn. With that, HKA managed to secure their defenses, forcing MEGA to resort to Baron Nashor in just over 30 minutes. MEGA’s tactics failed as HKA’s jungler Lee “Crash” Dong-woo successfully stole the Baron to give his team a chance to close out the game.

MEGA got back on their feet on their next match against Vietnam team Lowkey Esports. MEGA’s Nuttapong “G4” Menkasikan and Atit “Rockky” Phaomuang picked Pantheon and Camille in the top lane. The team held up til late game and saw a series of close teamfights, so some players overextended. Lowkey tried to get a Baron Nashor after MEGA secured one, but it was too late. MEGA destroyed the Nexus.

As if by chance, Lowkey defeated HKA in the last match. All teams then ended with a 1-1 score. HKA picked Mordekaiser for the toplane, but Lowkey knows what to do. They released Nguyễn “Artifact” Văn Hậu and Nguyễn Phước “Celebrity” Long Hiệp on Syndra to defeat HKA’s players.

Group D

-DAMWON Gaming, third seed of the LCK
-Royal Youth, first seed of the TCL
-Flamengo eSports, first seed of the CBLOL

Group D saw some powerhouse teams competing for a spot for the next stage. DAMWON Gaming, one of the biggest favorites, exceeded expectations.

Damwon faced Turkish team Royal Youth in their first match. Royal Youth surprised everyone with their first blood kill, but Damwon was just getting warmed up. Royal Youth’s early lead didn’t rattle them. Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon used his Kleptomancy as Vladimir to turn the tide in their favor and close out the game.

The next match saw Damwon going against Brazilian champion Flamengo eSports. AD carry Sin “Nuclear” Jeong-hyeon saved the day for Damwon by closing out the game with a whopping 8/0/4 scoreline against Felipe “brTT” Gonçalves’ 1/4/4. The result gave both Flamengo and Royal Youth a 0-1 score. In the end, the two teams had to face each other.

The last match was entertaining as both teams were fighting for a second chance. With Han “Luci” Chang-hoon on the Thresh and with jungler Lee “Shrimp” Byeong-hoon on the Lee Sin, Flamengo crushed Royal Youth’s hope to destroy their Nexus. Flamengo ended the game with 14 kills.


Written by Derpina