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LoL Worlds 2019 Finalizes Main Event Groups

Posted 9th October 2019 By: Derpina    250 Views

LoL Worlds 2019 Finalizes Main Event Groups - Tipify

Esports News – The Play-In Stage of League of Legends World Championship just concluded, and we finally have the list of four top seeds advancing to the Main Event Group Stage: DAMWON Gaming, Clutch Gaming, Hong Kong Attitude and Splyce. They will be part of the sixteen teams who are already locked in to compete for the crown and the lion’s share of the $2,225,000 USD from October to November.

Play-In Knockout Stage recap

The first day of the Play-In Knockout Stage began with DAMWON Gaming, Lowkey Esports, Clutch Gaming, and Royal Youth. After two best-of-three matches, DAMWON and Clutch secured their slots for the main event.

The 2nd day, which just recently closed the stage, saw Hong Kong Attitude, Isurus Gaming, Splyce, and Unicorns of Love fight for the biggest knockout battle this season. Sure enough, the LoL community patiently waited for the conclusion of Unicorns of Love and Splyce’s season rivalry.

Hong Kong Attitude, the first seed in Group C and the 3rd LMS seed, opened the last day of the Play-In Stage to compete against Isurus Gaming, the champion of LAT. HKA defeated Isurus with a 3-1 victory. Now, the team competes alongside Griffin, Cloud9, and G2 Esports in Group A.

Splyce, who secured the 1st seed in Play-In Group B, faced LCL champion UoL in a best-of-five series to advance to the main event. Splyce may have dominated the match with a 3-2 victory, but UoL’s performance was equally unforgettable.

Final teams in the main event group stage

The Main Event Group Stage opening on October 12 starts with Fnatic vs SK Telecom T1 of Group C, widely regarded by LoL fans as the ‘Group of Death’. Other teams from Groups A, B, and D soon follows. For a detailed list of group divisions and matchups, refer to the list below:

Group A

Cloud 9 – 1st seed
Hong Kong Attitude
G2 Esports

Group B

GAM Esports – 1st seed
Funplus Phoenix

Group C

SK Telecom T1 – 1st seed
Royal Never Give Up
Clutch Gaming

Group D

Damwon Gaming – 1st seed
Ahq e-Sports Club
Team Liquid
Invictus Gaming


Written by Derpina