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LoL Worlds Knockout Stage Matchups Revealed

Posted 21st October 2019 By: Derpina    173 Views

LoL Worlds Knockout Stage Matchups Revealed - Tipify

Esports News – The League of Legends World Championship Knockout Stage is here and the remaining teams who survived the group stage are about to compete in the next stage for a spot in the semifinals.

Knockout stage matchups

-DAMWON Gaming vs G2 Esports
-SK Telecom T1 vs Splyce
-Griffin vs Invcitus Gaming
-Funplus Phoenix vs Fnatic

First and second seeds

The first seed teams from the Group Stage, pool 1, were divided into four groups in the Knockout Stage. The goal is to even the playing field. SK Telecom T1, Griffin, DAMWON Gaming, and FunPlus Phoenix were randomly designated in the matchups. With this setup, their opponents were then randomly chosen from pool 2—the second seeds from the group stage. Riot confirmed that teams who came from the same group in the group stage can’t compete against each other in the Knockout stage.

Griffin, the first seed from Group A, holds a record of 6-1. They  almost made it to the next stage undefeated if it weren’t for their defeat against G2 Esports. They’ve swept Cloud9 and Hong Kong attitude in the first and second half of the round-robin to earn the first seed and surpass G2 Esports’ record.

In Group B, Funplus Phoenix remained victorious against GAM Esports, J Team, and Splyce. They concluded their group stage run with a 5-2 record, but they struggled to hold the 1st seed title as Splyce, the 2nd seed, is just as good in the tie-breaker.

SK Telecom T1, the legendary South Korean team and the first seed from the LCK, dominated group C with a 5-1 record. Following their footsteps is Fnatic, the second seed who concluded the group stage with a 4-2 score.

Lastly, we have DAMWON Gaming from Group D. The team held on to their undefeated record from the Play-In until Team Liquid got the best of them in one match. But Liquid didn’t make it to the next stage as Invictus Gaming bagged the second seed title.

Quarterfinals to the Semis

Madrid, Spain will host the Worlds 2019 Quarterfinals this coming Saturday. Griffin and Invictus Gaming draws first blood at the Palacio Vistalegre, then the next matchups follow. Each match from the Knockout Stage features a BO5 series. The dominating teams then moves on to the semifinals starting November.


Written by Derpina