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LoL Worlds Dominates The Global Scene As A Real Sport

Posted 8th November 2019 By: Derpina    81 Views

LoL Worlds Dominates The Global Scene As A Real Sport - Tipify

Esports News – Following the success of The International 9, it’s now Riot Games’ turn to make a name for itself. From what we’ve seen so far, League of Legends World Championship aims to dominate not only the esports community but the world. Let’s see how far the tournament has evolved since its humble beginnings.

Breaking records

The semifinals match in Paris already sealed a new record with its 4 million concurrent viewers. It is now the most-watched esports tournament in history. But everyone expects the record to be surpassed by the upcoming grand final match between Europe’s G2 Esports and China’s FunPlus Phoenix.

At the time of writing, all tickets for the finals are sold out and Riot is certain that millions of other players from across the globe will still watch the event via streaming sites like Twitch and ESPN. After all, they’re not just in it for the actual match. Reports confirmed that French fashion house Louis Vuitton and a couple of world-renown musicians prepared some pre-match performances.

Turning esports into a real sport

Many are still bothered by the idea that esports is considered as a sport. But, the fact remains that esports is a modern variation of competitive gaming. Traditional sports games like basketball, football, and hockey are garnering attention from different countries, and esports is pretty much doing the same.

Despite its established status in the community, Riot Games Co-Founder Marc Merrill continuously bring improvement in every LoL tournament to make esports look like a real sport. Organized tournament formats, professional players, and live event production are present at every esports competition. Riot Games even book large venues like Staples Center and Accord Hotels Arena to host major events. Behind the scenes, there are also player salaries, regular schedules, and training.

Esports in the global scene

John Needham, global head of esports at Riot Games, explains why LoL is getting the attention it deserves today: “We reach a generation that’s very hard to reach in traditional channels these days…We are the next big sport, the next big wave in sports.”

Backing Needham’s claims are gamers around the world. The global esports community considers LoL Worlds as the Super Bowl of esports, and it is right to do so. Riot Games have global competitions for global players and viewers. League of Legends, specifically, targets various generations.


Written by Derpina