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Riot Reveals New Marksman Champion, Aphelios

Posted 20th November 2019 By: Derpina    348 Views

Riot Reveals New Marksman Champion, Aphelios - Tipify

Esports News – Riot Game’s 10th-anniversary celebration was a blast. The surprises aren’t over yet, though. After the recent release of Senna, Riot just unveiled another champion joining the game this competitive season. Aphelios, ‘The Weapon of the Faithful’, has emerged from the shadows to destroy enemies of the faith.


Aphelios is the mute twin brother of Alune. They were born during a rare lunar convergence involving the spirit realm. Together, they are considered by their race, Targon’s Lunari faith, as the children of destiny. Since they have an unnatural birth, the twins know that they possess something special.

When a group of people called the Solari drove the Lunari into hiding, the community forgot that the faith ever existed. The twins were then left to dwell in temples, caves, and shadows to hide from the enemies. Aphelios and Alune felt like their race needs them now more than ever, so they trained using the powers they possess. Aphelios is gifted with physical strength. Alune, meanwhile, can use her spiritual reflection like magic. The twins embody what the moon of stone and its reflection in the spirit realm looks like.

While hiding, Alune later discovered that she can protect his brother using her eyes and spirit when he’s out into the world. She can conjure up all sorts of moonstone weapons for him using magic. Knowing this, Aphelios finally came out of the cave to track enemies down and protect his people. Alune was left behind to guide him.

Weapons and power

Aphelios is a marksman. He has true aim and he can kill his enemies in silence. With Alune beside him, he can use any weapon she deems necessary—depending on the enemy and when the situation calls for it. Her sister already prepared an arsenal of mystical weapons made from moonstones during their missions together. Aphelios’ default weapon, however, is a fluid-like curved blade. The blade can possibly transform into almost any figure, but Riot has yet to reveal its main function.

As part of Targon’s Lunari faith, Aphelios is aligned with other champions like Leona and Diana. Diana represents the soul of the moon, and Leona personifies the dawn of the sun. Aphelios is the 148th champion of League of Legends.


Written by Derpina