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Riot To Release New Dawnbringer vs Nightbringer Skins

Posted 26th November 2019 By: Derpina    525 Views

Riot To Release New Dawnbringer vs Nightbringer Skins - Tipify

Esports News – The pre-All-Star Event surprises from Riot Games are not yet over. If you’ve been following League of Legend’s Dawnbringer vs Nightbringer stories and loving it, then the upcoming skin line for your favorite champions at the next Night and Dawn event guarantees more excitement.

Riot introduces five new cosmetic items for the skin line consist of players joining the Dawnbringers and the Nightbringers’ side. Karma, Nidalee, Lee Sin, and Vladimir will have one skin each. Soraka gets two skins from both lines. On the previous release, only Lancer Paragon/Rogue Blitzcrank and Solar/Lunar Eclipse Leona have dual skins.

The Night and Dawn event takes place on December 12, but the skins and the new Patch 9.24 update will be released on December 11.


Karma and Nidalee takes the side of the Dawnbringers. Karma boasts glowing halo and wings in a dramatic ombré, while Nidalee features her tiger and spear in new colors. Both champions’ new skins feature the gold, blue, purple, and white color scheme to represent light and order. With intricate and shiny designs all over the skin’s body, Karma and Nidalee glows every time they use their powers. The effect is similar to the original Dawnbringer skin carried by Riven, so Riot must have considered continuity when designing the skins.

Soraka’s Dawbringer version, meanwhile, is more dramatic than Karma and Nidalee’s. Her entire body is covered with light, and it almost looks like a toned-down color of the rainbow. Her wings, weapon, and floating headpiece give the brightest glow.


As expected, the Nightbringers have the darkest and striking colors. All colors follow the original Yasuo skin from the previous release, so there will be plenty of red, dark violet, and black shades on Vladimir and Lee Sin.

Vladimir’s coat has a beautiful dark ombré effect; it’s complemented by his blood resource that looks like a black hole. Lee Sin will have two different skins for the regular and prestige edition. The regular skin is in different hues of violet, while the prestige edition has black and gold accents.

Soraka got the biggest transformation in her Nightbringer skin. Her new skin shows what would she look like if taken by the dark side. The reds and violets in her costume and weapons look completely sinister.


Written by Derpina