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DreamHack Open 2020 To Feature 8 Stops, 3 Continents

Posted 10th December 2019 By: Derpina    216 Views

DreamHack Open 2020 To Feature 8 Stops, 3 Continents - Tipify

Esports News – DreamHack Sevilla concluded this year’s DreamHack Open Circuit, but the series will return next year with bigger venues and prize pools. The complete list of 2020 open dates and locations is finally here, and it all starts at Leipzig, Germany.

DreamHack Chief Product Officer, Mike Van Driel, led the announcement through press releases and Twitter posts: “We’re happy to announce another year of DreamHack Open, featuring eight stops on three continents…DreamHack Open was launched in 2012 and has since played an important role in the development of the pro/amateur CS:GO scene, giving up-and-coming teams and players the opportunity to shine on the big stages.”

Open 2020 dates and locations

DreamHack Leipzig, Germany – January 24-26
DreamHack Anaheim, United States – February 21-23
DreamHack Valencia, Spain – July 3-5
DreamHack Montreal, Canada – September 11-13
DreamHack Rotterdam, Netherlands – October 16-18
DreamHack Hyderabad, India – October 30-November 1
DreamHack Winter, Sweden – November 27-29
DreamHack Sevilla, Spain – December 11-13

Valencia and Montreal stops are back on the list after being replaced by two locations in the 2019 circuit due to scheduling issues with Starladder Major and the all-women Showdown tournament. The recent DreamHack Sevilla 2019 replaced Montreal, while Valencia was canceled completely.

DreamHack Anaheim and Hyderabad are completely new locations. Hyderabad, India is the first-ever DreamHack Open in Asia—a byproduct of two successful CS:GO invitational events in Mumbai and New Delhi in 2018 and 2019. DreamHack Anaheim, meanwhile, follows major DreamHack events successfully held in Austin, Denver, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Dallas. The organization confirmed that the USA event will also feature a $250,000 Fornite tournament.

Despite the addition of new continents and locations, it’s worth noting that the organization left out DreamHack Summer, one of the most popular annual CS:GO events under DreamHack. According to the organization’s official Twitter handle, two special summer events in June will replace the iconic Summer stop.

All DreamHack Open tournaments offers a $100,000 prize pool and a secure Challenger tier status in the ELS Pro Tour. So, aside from trophies and prize money, competitors can earn invites to international tournaments under DreamHack Masters, ESL One, and Intel Extreme Masters.


Written by Derpina