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DreamHack Open Sevilla To Conclude The 2019 Circuit

Posted 4th December 2019 By: ThisIsSam    143 Views

DreamHack Open Sevilla To Conclude The 2019 Circuit - Tipify

Esports News – The Montreal stop is delayed, but we have DreamHack Open Sevilla to keep the 2019 Dreamhack Open circuit going. In Spain, 8 top-tier CS:GO teams battle it out to determine the champion of a new CS:GO Major and close out the 2019 circuit. The winning team takes home their regional title and the lion’s share of the $100,000 USD prize pool.

Tournament details

The 8 competing CS:GO teams are divided into two groups with four members each. All 6 are teams who made it to the top 20 global rankings, but the other two are winners of the recent European and Iberian qualifiers. CR4ZY and North lead the rankings in Group A, while Tricked and GODSENT are on Group B’s highest-ranked teams.


Movistar Riders


Gambit Youngsters

DreamHack Open Sevilla follows the traditional format of most CS:GO major tournaments: group stage to playoffs. The two groups will face opposing members in two double-elimination matches. The opening and winner matches are in BO1, while the elimination and decider matches are in BO3. Only two teams from each group move on to the playoffs where they have to compete in BO3, single-elimination matches. The entire tournament runs from December 13 to 15.


(Group A) CR4ZY vs. Spain Movistar Riders
(Group A)North vs. Germany BIG
(Group B) Tricked vs. Russia Gambit Youngsters
(Group B) GODSENT vs. Poland Illuminar

About DreamHack Open Circuit

DreamHack Open is one of the biggest esports circuits in the CS:GO competitive scene. It features huge, LAN tour stops across the world and a fixed $100,000 prize pool. In its 8th year this 2019, the tour visited Europe and North American regions with the largest CS:GO fan base, startwing with DreamHack Rio de Janerio on April 19, 2019.

DreamHack Sevilla is the last open stop this year before another competitive season begins. DreamHack Winter was set to conclude the 2019 season, but the Montreal stop got canceled due to schedule conflicts with the StarLadder Berlin Major. Sevilla will be followed by DreamHack Leipzig and Dreamhack Anaheim in 2020.


Written by ThisIsSam