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Riot To Expand LoL Universe With New Developers Riot Forge

Posted 9th December 2019 By: Derpina    216 Views

Riot To Expand LoL Universe With New Developers Riot Forge - Tipify

Esports News – League of Legends has come a long way. From 17 original champions, we now have 146 champion picks with diverse races and versatile abilities. That pool is set to get bigger as for its 10th anniversary, Riot Games announced the expansion of the League of Legends universe.

Leading the expansion is Leanne Loombe, Riot Labs’ Executive Producer. Loombe and his team of developers launched a new publishing label, dubbed Riot Forge, to work on the new universe. In their new website, Riot Forge promised to deliver new content and stories to the game: “The League Universe and its champions offer limitless possibilities; by supporting and empowering passionate partners to tell their own stories and expand the League world, we’ll deliver a variety of bespoke games that enable players of all types to experience League in new and exciting ways.”

With this ambitious endeavor, Loombe and the newly-established Riot Forge admitted that they will require a great deal of help from other experts. They partnered with independent studios, but Riot opens its doors to professional developers wanting to be part of the team and contribute games and other content to the League of Legends Runeterra Universe.

Professional developers and partner studios can reach out to Riot Forge to join the team by clicking the ‘contact us’ option on the website. If chosen, Riot will “provide any support from QA, localization, voice-overs, research, marketing, and more, to help get the game into the hands of players and deliver an experience any League fan or otherwise will appreciate and enjoy.”

Games And Platforms

The new universe highlights new champions, animated series, fighting games, mobile spinoff, and more. Riot confirmed more content after finalizing the group of developers working with Riot Forge, so expect more teasers in early 2020 and late 2019.

The main goal of the expansion is to bring a wide variety of LoL content to all types of players, regardless of the platform. Riot’s third-party and independent studios will publish games and content for PC, console, and mobile platforms. Each platform has a designated game and content to address compatibility issues and serve all users.


Written by Derpina