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Riot Works To Improve The Summoner’s Rift

Posted 26th December 2019 By: Derpina    164 Views

Riot Works To Improve The Summoner's Rift - Tipify

Esports News – While the League of Legend’s competitive season is still on hiatus and our professional players are enjoying their well-deserved break, Riot Game’s development team works extra hard to provide continuous improvement to the game coming into next year.

Recently, Riot writer Erika “Cashmiir” Haas released the details of the test results for the game’s First Blood brush, baby dragons, and roaming baron. The test was brought about by LoL players’ complaints about the inconsistency of the Summoner’s Rift.

Meanwhile, Riot’s Senior Development Manager Olivier “Kazdoo” Ged, shared the team’s goal in updating the game: “This stage of game design isn’t necessarily focused on finding what’s good…It’s to focus on what’s bad and failing fast. We want to get that out of the way. Then we can go back to what’s good and ask ourselves why it’s good.”

Changes in progress

According to Cashmiir, it’s been years since the Summoner’s Rift saw any monumental changes. So, this update might be the biggest one yet. Riot’s game designers, artists, sound designers, and playtesters have worked together to improve all the elements in the Summoner’s Rift.

For the First Blood brush, the dev team first incorporated a feature that would mark the exact location of the first death. If a player died under his own tower, he can safely farm on the area. However, the idea didn’t work well. In response, the team added another iteration that would allow players to destroy walls by destroying the towers altogether. Although there’s some progress to it, it made the map feel ‘overly chaotic’ and gave players less control over their champions. The dev team is looking for more ways to avoid the consequences of the iteration.

Another major game element that Riot wanted to add is the existence of baby dragons. Although they don’t function as LoL champions, their goal is to fight existing monsters in the league. The baby dragons buff players to create a strong army. The dev team did not reveal negative effects of the baby dragons, but they may not make it to the preseason development.

Lastly, Riot tested out the roaming Baron Nashor. This feature won’t make it to the live servers, but the dev team continues to find opportunities to improve it. The idea is to release the Baron and allow him to seek fights when ignored for too long. Enlisting the creature didn’t work since LoL’s ultimate goal is to pit players against each other.


Written by Derpina