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The Nexus: Riot Games Brings League of Legends To Saudi Arabia

Posted 3rd December 2019 By: Derpina    333 Views

The Nexus: Riot Games Brings League of Legends To Saudi Arabia - Tipify

Esports News – Riot Games along with LoL events now warms up to other competitive regions. After decades of hosting events in Europe, North America, and Asia, Riot finally brings League of Legends to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) this year. The event, which is called “The Nexus,” takes place in Saudi Arabia on December 5 to 7.

Onur Tamer, METAI General Manager at Riot Games, led the announcement and released a press release today: “We have been working on ways to deliver local experiences to our communities and players across the MENA region. The Nexus is our first step in solidifying our presence in the region to support and celebrate our players.”

About The Nexus

The Nexus will be the first and largest LoL gaming festival in the MENA region. It’s part of the annual Riyadh Season, an event led by the Saudi General Entertainment Authority that aims to introduce the country as one of the top tourist and entertainment destinations in the world. So aside from competitive gaming, attendees can find attend expositions, art fairs, and concerts. Reports confirmed that artists like DJ Mako, Crystal Method, and Jason Derulo will have live musical performances.

The actual LoL event began in November to determine the qualifying teams for The Nexus. Riot hosted various qualifier rounds in 13 countries within the MENA region. 750 teams consisting of 3,500 players took their chances, but only 8 LoL teams advanced to the main event. The Nexus features five competitions and a prize pool amounting to $2 million. There are different prize pools for each tournament:

Five-on-five tournament ($850,000)
‘Influencer’ tournament ($750,000)
One-on-one tournament (a portion of the $400,000 prize pool)
Teamfight Tactics tournament (a portion of the $400,000 prize pool)
Cosplay competition (a portion of the $400,000 prize pool)

Each tournament offers an immersive experience that centers around League of Legends universe Runeterra, so there will be experiential zones in the game. On top of the main events, Riot also promised 23 other activities and mini-games for players and fans. They even dubbed The Nexus as a ‘family event’ that is open for all ages. Organizers are expecting 30,000 participants.


Written by Derpina