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DreamHack Open Anaheim Invites, Format, And Activities

Posted 15th January 2020 By: Derpina    236 Views

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Esports News – While Dreamhack Open Leipzig is ongoing, DreamHack reveals the invites for Open Anaheim 2020. The CS:GO tournament is set to take place from February 21 to 23 at Anaheim Convention Center, California. 8 teams battle it out for the title, the lion’s share of the $100,000 prize pool, and the most-coveted slot at DreamHack Masters Jonköping in June.

Invited and confirmed teams

ENCE – Finland
North – Denmark
Endpoint – United Kingdom
FURIA – Brazil
MIBR – Brazil

Currently, DreamHack has 5 confirmed teams from different regions for Anaheim. The last three teams will be the winners of Open Anaheim’s North America and European qualifiers. Only 2 teams will represent NA, while one slot was given to Europe. The winners will be announced on January 19.

ENCE, North, Furia, and MIBR were directly invited by DreamHack. All invited CS:GO teams earned their spots due to their previous performances from ESL and DreamHack-sponsored events last year, but Endpoint secured a slot from winning the recent ESL Premiership Winter. The winning lineup of Endpoint, however, recently disbanded. To take their place, the current roster of UK team Phoenix will play under the banner of Endpoint.

Tournament format

All participants will undergo two double-elimination games as part of 2 groups. Each group has 4 teams. The opening and winner’s matches are in BO1, while the elimination and decider matches are in BO3. The best two teams in the group stage head straight to the Playoffs. In the next stage, the remaining teams compete in a single-elimination bracket to determine the grand finalists and finally, the winner. All matches are in BO3.

Open Anaheim 2020 activities

Tickets for the event are on sale until February 19 at 10 PM PST. A 3-day pass covers all events, but single-day passes are also available. Aside from Open Anaheim for CS:GO, DreamHack also prepared minor tournaments for different esports:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Melee, and Melee + Ultimate Doubles Tournaments ($1,000-$5,000 prize pool)
UNIST ($1,000 prize pool)
Tekken 7 ($1,000-$2,500 prize pool)
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition ($1,000-$2,500 prize pool)
Pokkén ($1,000-$2,500 prize pool)


Written by Derpina