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ESL Adjusts Broadcast Rules Amid IEM Katowice Backslash

Posted 10th January 2020 By: Derpina    262 Views

ESL Adjusts Broadcast Rules Amid IEM Katowice Backslash - Tipify

Esports News – In response to recent backlash of fans towards the broadcasting of IEM Katowice qualifiers, ESL took the blame and vowed to do better. The organization now makes new updates to the rules for ESL Pro Tour qualifier matches.

ESL’s Vice President Michal “Carmac” Blicharz released an apology. Through Twitter and Reddit, Blicharz posted: “In relation to the broadcasting of the IEM Katowice online qualifiers, I came here to say that we got it wrong. We are revising the policy regarding community coverage. If a live broadcast of a given match is not being provided on a good quality international stream and we say that no one else is allowed to stream it, that is not okay. A show loses its purpose without an audience – it shouldn’t be happening with an ESL Pro Tour event.”

IEM Katowice controversy

The Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2020, one of the biggest tournaments in the first quarter of the CS:GO competitive season, took off last week. It featured multiple matches in North America, but fans pointed out the lack of coverage on some of the most-anticipated matches in the closed qualifier round.

Yesterday, CS:GO fans have finally spoken. They expressed disappointment at how ESL handled the broadcasting of IEM Katowice. On the first day of the competition, ESL only showed the first round of the NA closed qualifier between Chaos EC and Furia. Although it was a fun battle to watch, fans also anticipate major debuts from powerhouse rosters, such as Complexity and Cloud 9’s new teams.

Sadly, ESL shut down their coverage for the next matches. Some fans and Twitch streamers even amplified their voices when ESL’s channel moderators blocked people complaining in live chats.

Qualifier matches modifications

As ESL revises the policy for community coverage, the rules for ESL Pro Tour qualifier matches will see adjustments. Blicharz confirmed that they will allow community streamers to broadcast the event if the match isn’t available on the official tournament broadcast. These streamers are urged to follow ESL’s terms and conditions, and ESL also gets the final say if they are to approve or disallow users from streaming.

If ELS has an official partner in a territory, it will most likely broadcast the tournament in English or in the region’s language. If that’s the case, streamers are not allowed to stream the event in that area.


Written by Derpina