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League of Legends Season 10 Returns On January 10

Posted 6th January 2020 By: Derpina    168 Views

League of Legends Season 10 Returns On January 10 - Tipify

Esports News – Riot Games is finally done with its experimental changes on League of Legends. When the pre-season comes to a close, season 10 officially starts on January 10. Later this week, we’ll see new elements and features in the game that can drastically change the 2020 competitive season.

The official Twitter account of LoL posted a set of new images containing the new season’s icon and start date. With the caption, “In 5 days, we break them,” Riot revealed a silhouette of Urgot in shackles. The main image is followed by Kai’Sa, Azir, Rengar, and Nami—each has its own caption based on the champions’ roles.

Some of this year’s game changes and updates were spearheaded by Ryan Rigney, Riot Game’s Communications Lead. Commenting on Teamfight Tactics, TFT Mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and the CCG Legends of Runeterra’s releases, Rigney said: “Your core audience NEEDS to know you’re gonna take care of them. So when you make something that’ll appeal to only one segment, consider bundling it with something that’ll delight the rest. That’s why we did all of these game announces alongside the League 10 year celebration.”

In summary, here are the main changes this coming season:

Elemental Rift and buffs

The Internal, Ocean, Cloud, and Mountainous Rifts have undergone changes. Internal Rift now allows players to gain a percentage increase in their AD and AP damage by taking down the Drake. In Cloud Rift, its Cloud Drake will no longer be in the picture to produce multiple windy fields, while its buff can now lower the cooldown on ultimates. Ocean Rift can now flood the map, while its buffs can regenerate the champion’s health per time. And the Mountainous Rift, meanwhile, can now grow mountains around the jingle once its Mountain Drake is shut down.

Rift’s adjustments

Adjusting the Rift can easily change the entire gameplay. This year’s Rift has new brushes and sidelines. The top and bot lanes now have similar side lanes and three brushers. The lanes offer outplay options, while the brushes come in Baron and dragon pits.

Ranked changes

The Ranked system, which was updated by Riot multiple times now, won’t receive a hard-reset type of update. Player rankings will now come from their performances over placement matches and games played during the League’s pre-season. Placement matches can ultimately decide the player’s rank in season 10.


Written by Derpina