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Riot Teases New Champions For The Summer Festival

Posted 16th January 2020 By: Derpina    2935 Views

Riot Teases New Champions For The Summer Festival - Tipify

Esports News – Riot finally released the most-anticipated League of Legends champion this week. Sett, the new juggernaut in the roster, is now available for play. But more surprises await fans this 2020 as Riot’s dev team teased new LoL champions for the special Summer Festival coming later this year.

Season 2020 Champions

In a 5-minute trailer posted on Reddit, Ryan “Reavs” Mirales, the Lead Producer of LoL’s Champion Team, announced their year-round plans for the current and upcoming champions in the game. At first, Reavs talked about Sett’s lore and abilities to officially introduce him to new users. A brief preview of how Sett fights was projected on the screen. Later on, Reavs revealed their team discussions about 2 new champions.

“We know it’s been a while since we dreamed up a new Jungler but we were split on what we wanted to make. Early on we didn’t know if we wanted the Champion to be a team fight focused bruiser, or an agile, prancing Assassin. It felt like every 5 minutes we went back and forth. So did we shy away from the decision or meet it head-on? You have to wait until the summer festival to find out,” Reavs said.

The plans are in its early stages, even the dev team hasn’t come up with a decision yet. But one thing’s for sure, the first one is a “dreamed up” jungler, and he’s coming this summer. Fans speculate that this jungler could be a half-human, half-animal creature—a nod to Soraka’s lore and origin. Many are positive that it’s a champion we’ve already introduced to in the League of Legends Universe. Reavs mentioned that one of their strategies is introducing champions people already knew from the lore and bringing them to life.

For the second champion, Reavs confirmed that it’s a masked champion who refuses to die. With a very vague description, Mireles said: “some demons should remain in our past” while pertaining to the masked stranger.

Aside from the two, confirmed champions, more new faces will follow soon—probably after the Summer Festival. So, be sure to pay attention to LoL’s lore and backstories.


Written by Derpina