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Avengerls, Newbee Under Fire For Suspected Match Fixing

Posted 19th February 2020 By: Derpina    397 Views

Avengerls, Newbee Under Fire For Suspected Match Fixing - Tipify

Esports News – Match-fixing is a big threat in both major and minor Dota 2 tournaments, so Valve and other organizers do their best to detect these violations before they get out of hand. However, despite every organizer’s effort, match-fixing remains rampant, and one scandal allegedly happened in the Starladder Imba TV Minor qualifiers between Newbee and Avengerls.

Reddit users, led by China’s veteran streamer, player, and coach Zhang “Xiao8” Ning, called the attention of Starladder Imba TV’s organizers to investigate the second closed qualifier match between Chinese Dota 2 teams Newbee and Avengerls. Xiao8’s post now has over 2,000+ reactions and over 500 comments:

“The second match between Avengerls and Newbee is clearly a fixed match. Avengerls threw on purpose after having a huge early lead. Xiao8 is steaming the match and made the comment in title. IG.Zhou also thinks this is throw-on-purpose. Chinese community is blowing up right now. According to some fans, several players from Avengerls are shady as hell already. They are well-known account boosters/advertisers in ranked matches. Hope SL/Imbatv/Valve investigate this match and give harsh punishment for responsible players.”

Recap and evidence

At the beginning of the match, Avengerls clearly took the lead. The team won the first match of the series and held a considerable lead on the second game. Based on several observations from analysts and fans, it’s almost impossible for Newbee to make a comeback on the second game, but they did. Xiao8 commented that Avengerls didn’t use Smoke of Deceits to seal their lead and officially close out the match. Instead, they let Newbee get back on track.

The movements of Avengerl’s players during their mid-game advantage were also observed by the viewers. They pointed out that one Avengerls player using Morphling refused to use his powers to escape ganks and Newbee’s players. According to Xiao8, the player had enough time and multiple openings to escape the situation.

When the game was nearly over, Avengerls had a 13k gold advantage close to the 20-minute mark. This shows that they have a 95% chance of winning the game. But in the end, Newbee closed out the game.


Written by Derpina