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Reddit Survey Reveals LoL’s Competitive, Toxic Environment

Posted 11th February 2020 By: Derpina    613 Views

Reddit Survey Reveals LoL's Competitive, Toxic Environment - Tipify

Esports News – Riot Games continuously updated League of Legends in the past to create a safe and healthy gaming environment for professional teams and amateur players. But since LoL is a globally-recognized esports game, Riot’s efforts couldn’t possibly reach every player from all regions. Hence, toxicity backed by competitiveness still exists in the community.

To give us a clear picture of what LoL looks like in the perspective of gamers around the world, a player named Celianna from LoL subreddits conducted a survey exploring the game’s demographics, toxicity, and social connections. The survey garnered a lot of attention in the community, attracting 3,784 respondents on Reddit.

Sample population

From the 3,784 respondents, the survey was able to get the largest and smallest group of players playing LoL. For the age, 37% of respondents are between the ages of 21 and 24 years old. 28% of them have been playing the game for almost 7 years. For the gender, 87% of the respondents are male and 12% are female. 1% of them answered as non-binary or others.

Age and gender are important factors in the survey, but they don’t affect the amount of time a respondent plays per week. Instead, time and occupation are considered as strong factors affecting player time. All in all, 59% of the players are students, while 51% are employed. In between the students and employed individuals, a huge chunk of the sample population playing LoL every day was identified as NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). The NEETs are at 7%.

The survey found out that although a huge number of NEETs play every day, students are accounted to play over 16 games in one session throughout the week. Most players, whether NEETs or employed, only play two to five games per session.

Survey results

Regardless of age, gender, and occupation, all respondents have a say on LoL’s competitive and toxic environment. Considering the game modes, 95% of the respondents answered that they play Summoners Rift (placement matches). Only 15% play TFT ranked (rank ladder). Those who answered TFT Ranked said that they prefer the game mode because they’re competitive. Jungle players have the highest percentage of competitiveness at 59%, while support players have the lowest at 39%.

When players are competitive, toxicity enters the picture—the biggest problem in the LoL gaming community that Riot still struggles to solve. 98% of the players said that they’ve experienced “being flamed” by other players. 79% of them admitted that they’ve experienced harassment after the game, and 32% of them are females players.


Written by Derpina