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Riot Adds New Anti-Cheat System To Its Multiplayer Games

Posted 5th February 2020 By: Derpina    346 Views

Riot Adds New Anti-Cheat System To Its Multiplayer Games - Tipify

Esports News – Gaming developers are aware of teams and players using hybrid technology to cheat their way to victory. Unfortunately, it gets harder and harder to detect tampering in amateur and professional plays. In response to this, Riot Games starts the development of an anti-cheat kernel driver to counter hacking and cheating in League of Legends, Project A, and other current and upcoming multiplayer titles.

Riot introduced the innovation on League of Legend’s official news site. Phillip “RiotOfPenguins” Koskinas, one of the members of Riot’s anti-cheat team, explained the purpose of the anti-cheat kernel driver: “The purpose of this upgrade is to monitor system state for integrity (so we can trust our data) and to make it harder for cheaters to tamper with our games (so you can’t blame aimbots for personal failure)…It will be significantly harder to create undetected cheats: protecting you from aimbots, protecting us from Reddit, and protecting cheaters from themselves.”

How it Works

There are workarounds that trick Riot’s current anti-cheat system. Teams and players use specialized hardware to read and process system memory, making it more difficult for the game to detect hackers and cheaters. At the moment, the best way to resolve this is to use a kernel driver to protect the games.

The anti-cheat kernel driver is a type of program that runs on the computer’s operating system. It can control and protect all the functions of the system, so it’s the best layer of protection for any type of software (e.g. video games) installed on the computer. Riot’s version aims to detect and combat developers who corrupt Window’s signing verification to run their cheats at the kernel level.

This upgrade isn’t new in the gaming community as many online games already use similar third-party anti-cheat kernel systems like EasyAntiCheat, Battleye, and Xigncode3. The only difference here is that Riot’s version of the kernel drive will be developed in-house. Despite this, Riot assured all users that the new anti-cheat system won’t have an upgraded surveillance capability to spy on users and detect cheaters in an unethical way. The kernel driver only protects the gaming environment and nothing more.


Written by Derpina