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Valve Solicits Bids From Host Cities For The International 2021

Posted 28th February 2020 By: Derpina    146 Views

Valve Solicits Bids From Host Cities For The International 2021 - Tipify

Esports News – The International 2020 graces the stage of Ericsson Globe, Stockholm, Sweden with the best Dota 2 teams from different regions. But after this year’s TI, everything is set to change. Valve recently announced the new regional format for the next DPC season. On top of that, the company decided to issue an open proposal for major cities to host The International 2021.

Addressing all major cities competing in the DPC year by year, Valve sent out a business proposal containing the requirements and details potential host cities should follow, as well as the benefits they can get if chosen: “In August of every year, Valve Corporation runs a multi-week esports tournament for its game Dota 2 called “The International.” Valve is in the preliminary stages of selecting a host city for The International for 2021…There are some specific requirements that a host city for The International needs to have, and there are a number of benefits a host city can expect to see.”

Below is the complete list of requirements, considerations, and benefits:

Requirements and considerations

The host city should be able to handle an event as big and demanding as The International 2020 and the tournaments following that. Aside from the actual size of the main arena, here are the requirements and considerations Valve is looking for:

A modern indoor arena or stadium with a capacity between 15,000 and 80,000 (which must be available for a 10-day period in August 2021)
Additional space for ancillary events (e.g., vendor villages, fan zones, after parties)
Ample hotel space for upwards of 30,000 individuals
Fiber network connectivity from a local service provider
Proximity to an International Airport
A strong local transportation system

In addition to the city-wide rules for the actual Dota 2 tournament, Valve is also looking for a city government with the ability to ensure the safety, security, and convenience of all attendees, workers, and contestants. The government officials in the host city should be able to handle proper crowd control measures, clear and continuous communication with the organizers, visa assistance and local negotiations, and city-wide road closures.

Host city benefits

Above all, tourism is the number one benefit the host city can get out of The International. Past host cities like Seattle, Vancouver, and Shanghai were all thankful for the influx of visitors during their time to host. Foreign attendees can boost the sales of hotels, restaurants, and other tourist attractions in the area.

Aside from guaranteed tourism, Valve confirmed that they will do business with the host city’s local suppliers and laborers for the tournament’s source equipment (lighting, rigging, broadcast equipment, Internet) catering, construction, marketing, entertainment, and transportation.


Written by Derpina