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Beating COVID-19: WeSave! Charity Play Event Starts Today

Posted 20th March 2020 By: Derpina    174 Views

Beating COVID-19: WeSave! Charity Play Event Starts Today - Tipify

Esports News – The cancellation of major Dota 2 tournaments hosted by Valve gave independent sponsors a chance to shine. Following Rivarly’s online tournament, WePlay! Esports announces WeSave! Charity Play, an online fundraising event featuring 24 Dota 2 teams from different regions.

Oleg Krot, CEO and Managing Partner of WePlay! Esports, leads the event. Krot works together with organizations and sponsors who can take part in the event remotely. Commenting on their preparation in a press release, Krot said:

“The preparation process for WePlay! Charity Play is unusual even for our team. We have many people working from homes and across various time zones. Still, we try to achieve as much as possible through text chats and conference calls. These are also the primary means of communication with the talents and teams, as well as sponsors and partners, who have been eager to support our initiative to host a charity marathon. ”

Tournament details

WeSave! Charity Play starts today and will go on for almost a week. You can find the latest tournament odds on Tipify if you wish to place match predictions.  The winners are crowned on March 26, 2020. They get to take home the title, but the share of the $120,000 (£102,868.80) prize pool will be distributed to all participating regions and their organizations battling COVID-19. The 1st to 6th place winners take home $10,000 each, while the rest earns $2,500 to $5,000 for their chosen charity.

The entire prize pool is part of the fund from donations and revenue generated by volunteers and WePlay! Esports. Each $20,000 (£17,144.80) from the total pool came from each region’s volunteers.

For the tournament format, all 24 participants across six competitive regions are divided into groups based on their region. Each region has 4 teams each—all will play in a separate B03 Single Elimination bracket under patch 7.25a to determine the six dominating teams. Catch the matches on the Tipify Live Stream page starting today!

Competing teams


Team Liquid
Team Secret
Team Nigma


Natus Vincere

North America:

Evil Geniuses
business associates

South America:

FURIA Esports
NoPing Esports
Thunder Predator


Invictus Gaming
Vici Gaming

Southeast Asia:

BOOM Esports
TNC Predator
Team Adroit


Written by Derpina