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Flashpoint Season 1 Announces Complete Schedule

Posted 11th March 2020 By: Derpina    87 Views

Flashpoint Season 1 Announces Complete Schedule - Tipify

Esports News – After its successful open qualifiers, Flashpoint, the first team-owned CS:GO league, is set to start later this week in FACEIT’S Los Angeles studio. The complete schedule for the tournament’s inaugural season was announced today. Flashpoint will run from March 13 to April 19 and feature 12 of the best novice and veteran players fighting for the first title and the lion’s share of the $2,000,000 prize pool.

For more than a month, the featured teams will undergo different tournament phases before they reach the playoffs and grand finals. Flashpoint recently opened its open qualifiers for Europe, North America, and South America to choose the two qualifying teams moving on to the next stage of the tournament. The 10 slots are for partners and invites.

The official tournament begins with two double-elimination group stages or phases. Each feature three groups of four teams. The format functions as a seeding tool to determine the final eight teams moving on to the double-elimination playoffs.

While some popular CS:GO teams have received invites, Flashpoint is yet to announce the complete names of the 12 competing teams. Chinese organization Funplus Phoenix will join the tournament as a partner, but they introduced Heroic’s roster as their representatives. Direct invites have been given to Chaos and HAVU, two teams that recently attended the Global Qualifier.

Flashpoint determines the complete group selection on March 12. The competing teams themselves can draft the groups for roster changes, opponent picks, and swap processes. They can compete under Groups A, B, or C and get their seedings. The last teams selected by Flashpoint have an opportunity to propose a team swap, while the rest can pick their opponents. Here’s a

Tournament schedule


Friday, March 13 to Sunday, March 22


Friday, March 27 to Sunday, April 5


(Exact time to be confirmed)

Thursday, April 9: Upper quarter-finals #1-2
Friday, April 10: Upper quarter-finals #3-4
Saturday, April 11: Lower round 1 #1-2
Sunday, April 12: Upper semi-finals #1-2
Monday, April 13: Lower round 2 #1-2
Tuesday, April 14: Upper & Lower finals
Saturday, April 18: Consolidation final
Sunday, April 19: Grand final


Written by Derpina