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LoL Eternals Now Available For Purchase On NA Servers

Posted 5th March 2020 By: Derpina    189 Views

LoL Eternals Now Available For Purchase On NA Servers - Tipify

Esports News – Eternals, the League of Legends premium champion mastery system, is finally live on North American Public Beta Environment (PBE). After multiple works and beta tests, players can now achieve individual accomplishments as an amateur or pro player in the Runeterra Universe.

The complete Eternals system is available for purchase in two different series. Each contains the Eternal stat collectors and one of the two different types of Eternals for one specific champion: Empress, Guide, Protector, Trickster, Warden, and Warrior.

Here are the inclusions for each set:

Common Eternals Set

The more affordable and basic option among the two. It offers the same inclusions for every champion. In the gameplay, Common Eternals count all the epic monsters the players killed for every game (e.g. Dragon, Baron, or Rift Herald), as well as the towers and enemies that are taken down.

Common Eternals Set can be purchased for each individual champion for either 225 RP or 2,500 Blue Essence. For additional features, the set allows players to also purchase a Starter Series Eternal Pass which offers additional sets for the individual champion in the game for only 1,350 RP or 1,4750 Blue Essence.

Unique Eternals Set

The Unique Eternals Set offers all the options and features of the Common Eternals Set⁠—but for every champion. If you want to get specific stat features for a specific champion, however, you’ll need to add and purchase a Series One Set. The set can reveal the specific stats per champion, including how much healing you’ve used up and the total distance traveled for each step the champion makes.

The set is equipped with three different Unique Eternals for a specific champion. A set of three Eternals for one champion costs 600 RP. To make the most out of all the features, you can also purchase a Season One pass for 5,850 RP.

Despite the differences in prices and functions between the two sets, there’s no really better set. The choice should depend on the player’s goals. If you’re only focused on one champion, the Common Eternals Set can do the job for you. But if you’re a versatile player who’s willing to match all 128 champions with all the Eternals, you can save a lot of money with the Unique Eternals Set.


Written by Derpina