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Riot Suspends Ongoing Regional Leagues Due To COVID-19

Posted 16th March 2020 By: Derpina    209 Views

Riot Suspends Ongoing Regional Leagues Due To COVID-19 - Tipify

Esports News – Riot Games suspended all League of Legends regional leagues due to the coronavirus outbreak. Following the postponing of the Mid-Season Invitational, this weekend’s League of Legends European Championship (LEC) matches and the ongoing League Championship Series (LCS) playoffs are all canceled until further notice.

Chris Greeley, LCS Commissioner, announced Riot’s decision through the official Twitter account of the LCS. Addressing the players and fans who are looking forward to this week’s matches, Greeley said: “It was an incredibly difficult call to make, but this afternoon we decided, after discussion with LCS teams, to suspend operations (including all LCS and Academy games) for the immediate future. The same factors that weighed into this decision, coupled with expanding restrictions on large-scale public events in North Texas, have also led us to move the 2020 LCS Spring Finals from Dallas to the home studio in Los Angeles.”

As an ongoing league, the LCS is the latest LoL organization that has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Its location in Los Angeles, California is now at risk. LEC and other matches are just about to start, and fortunately, they were all suspended immediately. Meanwhile, some of the matches that will still push through are postponed. The Spring Finals will have a new date and location—which Riot Games will announce in the coming days.

Fans and players who already have tickets to the LCS matches and the Spring Finals will receive a full refund. Some third-party sellers have already processed the refund. For delays, Riot urged them to contact SeatGeek’s customer service support.

Monitoring and evaluation

Riot only canceled the ongoing and approaching League of Legends events for safety purposes. Other live events in the future remain under strict monitoring and evaluation, particularly the locations and tournament modes for each event. Greeley mentioned that the LCS and Riot Games are working closely with the public health officials to come up with safety protocols for resuming live games and events.

If the pandemic continues and other upcoming LoL games become affected, Riot plans to shift all live games to remote games. It’s unclear whether or not this format will apply to the LCS and LEC this year.


Written by Derpina