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A Look Into NBA 2K20 Live SIM Betting With Nitrogen Sports

Posted 22nd April 2020 By: ThisIsSam    298 Views

A Look Into NBA 2K20 Live SIM Betting With Nitrogen Sports - Tipify

Esports News – Pitting two basketball teams from two different eras can cause endless debates. One of the more common matchups in these discussions sees the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls vs best NBA teams like the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors. Both are arguably the best teams to see the NBA Finals spotlight. Another matchup puts the 2012-13 Miami Heat against the aforementioned Chicago Bulls team, which is considered to be the pinnacle of the franchise.

These are just two of the matchups that can spark days and days of discussion. From common basketball fans to hardcore analysts, we are guaranteed to see and hear compelling arguments from both perspectives, and Nitrogen’s new live SIM betting adds more fuel to that fire.

Esports is more than just about the big three games: CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends. If we look at the bigger picture, we’ll find that sports simulators draw more attention from the community. Of course, not only does this attract more viewers, but also creates new markets for the world of Bitcoin betting.

After the release of the highly anticipated ESPN series, The Last Dance, Nitrogen Sports (review) introduces a series of Nitro Sims matches with the help of NBA 2K20 to help shed more light on these theoretical matchups. This features the legendary 1997-98 Chicago Bulls spearheaded by Michael Jordan to claim their sixth NBA Championship trophy.

Catch the action on the Nitro Sims page or Tipify’s Live Streams page and find out if the mythical Bulls team can crush the modern-day competition.

Chicago Bulls Nitro Sims schedule:

April 21 (Tuesday) 8 PM EDT – 1997-98 Chicago Bulls vs 2007-08 Boston Celtics

Keeping the Celtic pride high here involves the trio of Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett. They successfully brought back the NBA Championship trophy by putting their superstars in place, a reliable bench, unparalleled team chemistry, and solid coaching staff.

April 22 (Wednesday) 8 PM EDT – 1997-98 Chicago Bulls vs 2004-05 San Antonio Spurs

This match showcases the Bulls against some of the best team play basketball the NBA has seen. With the core held together by Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker, can they hold down the 3-peat Chicago Bulls squad with their unselfish basketball plays?

April 23 (Thursday) 8 PM EDT – 1997-98 Chicago Bulls vs 2012-13 Miami Heat

This matchup brought on debates between hardcore basketball fans. The never-ending discussion that involves Michael Jordan and LeBron James will be put to test here. Can The King keep up with His Airness?


Written by ThisIsSam