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BLAST Rising To Feature ‘Lower-Ranking’ CS:GO Teams

Posted 27th April 2020 By: Derpina    375 Views

BLAST Rising To Feature 'Lower-Ranking' CS:GO Teams - Tipify

Esports News – Another online tournament is on its way, courtesy of BLAST and Polish agency Fantasyexpo. BLAST Rising, the newest regional online tournament in Europe, is set to take place in May with a €30,000 prize pool.

Sponsors BLAST and Fantasyexpo will working with RFRSH Entertainment for the organization of the CS:GO tournament. The sponsors and organizers aim to give exposure to amateur and lower-ranking teams in Europe. In a recent press release by BLAST, Nicolas Estrup, Director of Product and Experience, explains what the new league is all about:

“At BLAST we love the elite and allow everyone to be a part of Premier through the Qualifier Series and the Race to the Global Final, but have created BLAST Rising to support teams and players at all stages of their careers…By giving teams and players more opportunity and exposure in the way only BLAST can, we want BLAST Rising to be a platform that drives forward their personal and team growth.”

Tournament details

BLAST Rising features 16 CS:GO teams from across Europe. The participants will come from the lower rankings of the CS:GO competitive scene, using other major and minor tournaments as reference. BLAST is expected to hand out direct invites soon and announce the complete list of participants on April 28.

The tournament runs for three weeks, from May 4 to 22. There are a total of four play days in a week to cater to the 16 competing teams and the unique tournament format of BLAST Rising.

First, BLAST announces the tournament draw for the group stage, days after the release of the complete list of participants. The 16 teams are then be divided into four groups with four teams each to compete in a set of round-robin B01 matches. Each team competes against another team twice from Monday to Thursday. We’ll see one set of matches from each group over the first two weeks before the participants head to the playoffs on May 18.

The dominating teams—first and second seeders—from each team advance to the single-elimination playoff bracket. A total of 8 teams vie for the title and the lion’s share of the prize pool in the playoffs stage where all matches are in B03.


Written by Derpina