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Parimatch League CS:GO For EU, CIS Debuts This April

Posted 1st April 2020 By: Derpina    520 Views

Parimatch League CS:GO For EU, CIS Debuts This April - Tipfy

Esports News – Parimatch sportsbook, in partnership with Starladder, introduces a new CS:GO league coming this April. Parimatch League CS:GO features the 16 best teams from Europe and the Confederation of Independent States (CIS). This is another monumental moment as another reputable betting site joins the list of CS:GO and online betting partnerships. All are set to battle it out for the title and the USD $100K prize pool from April 4 to May 3.

Stepan Shulga, head of esports at Parimatch, introduced the league today. In a press release via Field Level Media, Shulga revealed Parimatch’s plans to offer online CS:GO events today and in the future: “Now is the time to focus our resources on online events. We have been looking for the opportunity to cooperate with StarLadder in the CS:GO discipline…I’m sure that spectators who are forced to stay home and thus help to positively resolve the situation in the world will be satisfied with our tournament.”

Tournament details

The 16 CS:GO teams come from different sources and regions—Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. The first set of teams are directly invited and confirmed to attend. The list includes forZe,, Syman, pro100, Gambit Youngsters, and Team Spirit. Their opponents will be the winners of Parimatch League CS:GO open qualifiers scheduled to take place between April 4 and 5.

The official tournament with the complete list of teams competing is set to occur between April 13 and 26, with the grand final is scheduled between May 1 and 3. Parimatch League CS:GO runs for almost a month.

Starladder and Parimatch constructed a new CS:GO tournament format for the league. Starting on April 13, the group stages divided into three phases: open skills, group stage, and final. The teams are divided based on their regions. Eight teams from Europe and 8 teams from the CIS play in their groups to determine two winners each. As there are different phases, some teams may have to undergo a double-elimination group qualifier to get through to the group stage.

When all the regional winners are determined, the best four teams from the two regions advance to the finals to fight for the title. The grand final features another double-elimination bracket to settle the winner.


Written by Derpina