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Dota 2 Card Game Artifact 2.0 To Enter PBE Next Week

Posted 20th May 2020 By: Derpina    82 Views

Dota 2 Card Game Artifact 2.0 To Enter PBE Next Week - Tipify

Esports News – Last March, Valve announced the revampment of the Dota 2 card game Artifact, introducing it in 2020 as Artifact 2.0. Now, the day has finally come and the first wave of beta invites is on its way. Valve 2.0 enters the public beta environment (PBE) next week.

The revamp process

Valve launched the original Artifact in November 2019 for PC, Mac, and Linux. A mobile version is part of the plan, but it didn’t push through. The game had a disappointing reception because it was criticized by a huge number of players. Artifact’s monetization system received some heavy backlash. Valve acknowledged this error and promised to approach things differently this time by inviting players to participate while Artifact 2.0 is still under construction.

Here’s Valve updated roadmap at press time:

-Test boring stuff
-Trickle out invites, starting with players of the original release <- We are here
-Work on the Beta, eventually transitioning to an open beta
-Leave Beta

We’re on the second step of the process: trickle out invites. Next week, Valve will send emails to all players who have the original game on their Steam Account. A downloaded version is enough, it doesn’t need to be installed.

Only players who purchased the game before March 30, 2020 receive invites. But, Valve promised to use a lottery system to invite people who opted in. In the meantime, access to Artifact 2.0 remains closed until Valve finishes the signups from the original players. Players who acknowledge the email and wish to participate in the test must follow the sign-up instructions for the beta.

For the entire revamp process, Valve plans to test the following: gameplay, balance, hero identity, color identity, social features, card unlocks, ranked play, replays, spectating, and campaign. Valve will leave some original gameplay modes behind to focus on the main functionalities. Tournaments and draft modes, except Hero Draft, won’t be available in the meantime.

The release

Other than ‘next week’, Valve has yet to release official dates for the first wave of beta tests and the official launch of the game. Only players with the original version of the game can participate in the soft launch, but Valve is encouraging everyone to wait for the Open Beta version with a more significant player base.


Written by Derpina