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Nitrogen Sports: Building Esports Betting Foundations With Latest Events

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Nitrogen Sports: Building Esports Betting Foundations With Latest Events

Esports News – Nitrogen Sports (review) is one of the few betting sites that delivers top-notch esports betting markets on top of its traditional sports odds and casino games. This time, the site introduces new betting options with fresh formats that bring new light to esports betting and more. Currently, there are three options, including Nitro Squares, Nitro Brackets, and Nitro Sims betting. Let’s take a look at the unique characteristics of each one and what it offers.

Nitro Sims

The latest in the world of sports betting is Nitro Sims, which pits two AI teams against each other. Thanks to ever-growing technology, we now have a chance to witness teams from different eras face each other. If you’ve been wanting to bet on the 1996 Chicago Bulls facing the 2018 Golden State Warriors, Nitro Sims is perfect for you.

Think of Nitro Sims as a gateway for you to bet on accurate representations of current and past sports teams where you are allowed to make bets on these virtual games and win bitcoins. What Nitrogen Sports does is curate these games with transparency and acts as a platform for betting action to happen. This means that all results are solely controlled by the computer. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and hope for the best for your chosen team.

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Nitro Squares

Nitro Squares is a Nitrogen Sports special, which opens more Bitcoin winning opportunities while enjoying your favorite sporting events. It embodies simplicity Nitrogen Sports is well known for, making it easy for first-time users to get a hold of. Anyone can take part in this and win bitcoins. More than that, casual and hardcore bettors are welcome to play this game.

In this game, you are provided with a list of 100 two-digit combinations. Each square corresponds to a combination from “0-0” all the way to “9-9”. If the final score of the corresponding event matches your pick (e.g. you choose “4-3” for the Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers matchup. If the game’s final score ends with a “4” for the winning team and “3” for the losing team, you win).

Nitro Squares features two main forms as well: free entry and betslip buy-in. The competitions that are free to play only require a Nitrogen Sports account for anyone to qualify and join. Meanwhile, the betslip buy-in requires players to submit a valid payslip to qualify and make predictions.

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Nitro Brackets

If college basketball is your thing, then Nitro Brackets is perfect for you. The game is combined with the thrills and excitement of March Madness. With the tournament featuring 60 of the best college basketball teams in the United States, this makes it the biggest basketball tournament in the world. The competition presents a continuous flow of knockout games, with one team claiming the trophy at the end of the tournament.

More than that, Nitro Brackets applies to other sporting events and leagues as well, so expect non-stop action coming from Nitrogen Sports and its unique Brackets.

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