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Popular LoL Game Mode Pick-URF Returns For Its 2nd Run

Posted 15th May 2020 By: ThisIsSam    304 Views

Popular LoL Game Mode Pick-URF Returns For Its 2nd Run - Tipify

Esports News – As part of League of Legends patch 10.10, Riot Games released game mode Pick-URF for a limited time period. Pick-URF headlines the LoL Pulsefire event that will run today until June 15.

Riot released the first version of the game mode, Ultra Rapid Fire (URF), in 2017 as an experiment. For a short period of time, URF became the most popular game mode in the history of League of Legends. Riot even confirmed that a huge number of players stopped playing regular LoL games in the meantime to play URF.

The popularity of URF gave way to Pick-URF in 2019, a modified version of the game, and another well-received experiment. The success of the game mode inspired Riot Games to release a second run in 2020. The goal this year is to keep stay-at-home players entertained during the lockdown. If it does take off, we might even get a chance to watch matches on the Live Streams page for fresh and exciting esports action.

In an official blog post, Riot revealed what players can expect in the second run of Pick-URF: “The experiment with Pick-URF last year went well, with healthier engagement with the mode and with Summoner’s Rift afterward. We believe a part of that success can be attributed to the continuous mode-specific balance changes, so you’ll see more adjustments below to help keep games nice and snappy.”

Game mechanics

URF and its second version, Pick-URF are 5v5 LoL game modes played on the Summoner’s Rift. Pick-URF is different from the traditional URF mode in terms of champion select. The first version assigns a random champion to each player, but Pick-URF allows all players to pick any champion they want. Although this feature can lead to spamming, Riot is ready to prevent the abuse of certain champions with balance updates.

Two teams with five members each play regular LoL games with the feature called ‘Awesome Buff of Awesomely Awesome Buffing’. This feature carries a set of stat boosts activated for all players:

  • Mana and energy consumption is reduced by 100%
  • 80% cooldown reduction on abilities, activated items, and summoner spells
  • 25% tenacity
  • +60 movement speed
  • Sources of bonus attack speed are doubled on ranged champions, 1.5x on melee champions
  • Critical strikes deal 25% additional damage
  • Health costs are reduced by 50%
  • 100% bonus damage to infernal dragons


Written by ThisIsSam