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Relog Media Introduces ‘9 to 5’ CS:GO Tournament Series

Posted 1st June 2020 By: Derpina    582 Views

Relog Media Introduces '9 to 5' CS:GO Tournament Series - Tipify

Esports News – Relog Media, an esports production and tournament organizer based in Belgrade, Serbia, announced its ‘9 to 5’ CS:GO tournament series featuring a $200,000 prize pool. The online event is the first of its kind to feature this format.

Mladen “juricM” Jurić, professional CS:GO player from Serbia and the co-founder of Relog Media, led the announcement of the event on Twitter yesterday. Commenting on Relog Media’s preparation for the event, Jurić said:

“We were working very hard to reach this level and to host this kind of event. A lot of people are involved in this project and I hope that each next project will be bigger and bigger.”

Relog Media already organized several online esports events before. The organizer hosted the Relog Esports Season 1 and the #HomeSweetHome tournament series. 9 to 5 is a new CS:GO tournament series running from July to September.

Tournament format

9 to 5 has four connected CS:GO tournaments with a $50,000 prize pool each. 16 CS:GO teams are set to participate in the entire series. The matches will be played from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon for half a month from July to September, hence the title “9 to 5”. Aside from the time setting, each tournament has three phases:

First phase: 16 participants are divided into four groups with four teams each. Only the best two teams from each group proceeds to the next phase.

Swiss group stage: The eight remaining teams compete against eight invited teams. They take part in a series of BO3 matches. The best eight teams head to the final phase.

Playoff phase: All teams from the Swiss group phase play the first round of the tournament, while Relog Media introduces another set of four teams from the European region. All teams will battle it out for the finals.

Tournament schedule

Cup 1: June 29 – July 15
Cup 2: July 20 – August 5
Cup 3: August 10 – August 26
Cup 4: August 31 – September 16

Relog Media partnered with Esports Bible and Grid Esports to organize and cover the event. The former will produce content from July to September, while the latter is in charge of the tournament data and social media management.


Written by Derpina