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Riot Extends The Release Of LoL Eternal Series

Posted 17th June 2020 By: Derpina    397 Views

Riot Extends The Release Of LoL Eternal Series - Tipify

Esports News – Riot Games surprises fans with a set of new releases for the Eternal series, a new premium champion mastery system in League of Legends. The series will now be released once per season, together with new features and event missions.

Adriaan ‘KenAdamsNSA’ Noordzij, Product Manager at Riot’s Personalization Team, announced the details of the new Eternals in League of Legends’ official news site. All plans from the announcements are still subject to change since the dev team is currently open for feedback and suggestions.

For now, KenAdamsNSA and the team aim to debut the following with the launch of Series 2 in January 2021:

New Eternals Features

Riot will release Eternals as part of the league’s entire series. This means that Series 2, set for release next year, features all Eternals and champions available at that time in January 2021.

Here are the new features available for the next series:

  • Seasonal Best for each Eternal – Players can set their personal Eternals record every season.
  • Exclusive Eternals Emote – Players can now flex their stats on a particular Eternal or champion.

Eternals Capsules

The newest item from the series is the Eternals Capsules. These capsules are loot items players can earn while playing the game. Eternals Capsules are redeemable after completing missions during events, earning a new fourth tier Ranked Split Reward, or qualifying for and receiving a Victorious skin during a season. Each capsule contains Set Shards for RP-only Eternals sets.

As part of their trial run, Riot offers Eternal Capsules as a free reward in the upcoming Summer event. From Split 3 in Season 2020, every Split awards an Eternals Capsule for players who earn 750 Split Points. Skilled players who qualify for the season’s Victorious skin (players with Gold ranks or higher) earns an additional Set Shards for the champion receiving the skin.

Prices And Discounts

Free Eternals Capsules is just one of Riot’s many surprises. Like most of Riot’s personalized League of Legends’ offerings, the new Eternals come with discounts and packages. Here’s what to expect during the launch:

  • 3 months after the Series’ initial launch – 30% off discount for 2 weeks
  • When a new Series releases – 60% off all old Series Passes for 2 weeks


Written by Derpina