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Riot Helps Fight COVID-19 With 4-Week LoL Charity Event

Posted 27th June 2020 By: Derpina    59 Views

Riot Helps Fight COVID-19 With 4-Week LoL Charity Event - Tipify

Esports News – Since the pandemic began, Riot Games donated a total of $4.5 million globally for COVID-19 relief. Last month, League of Legends players rallied together at the 48-hour Mid-Season Streamathon to raise over $630,000 for the same purpose.

Still, the pandemic looms large and continues to threaten the world. As a response, the largest video game developer and esports tournament organizer in the world will further strengthen its effort to win this battle. Riot Games currently stages a four-week League of Legends charity fundraiser for frontline health workers battling COVID-19.

The Riot Games dev team announced the event on League of Legends’ news site yesterday. With the belief that their previous programs still weren’t enough, the developer decided to host another charity fundraiser event to boost their social efforts.

“This is just one small way we can help make a difference together. We hope you can join us in having a positive impact on all our communities,” the dev team said.

The event runs until July 23, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. PT. Riot offers some of its bestselling skins, chromas, emotes, and other item bundles to raise funds. All fundraiser items will have a “Social Impact” Badge in the store.

Complete list of items for sale:

-Surgeon Shen skin
-Surgeon Shen chromas
-Surgeon Shen border and icon set
-Nurse Akali skin
-Nurse Akali chromas
-Nurse Akali border and icon set
-Kennen M.D. skin
-Kennen M.D. chromas
-Kennen M.D. border and icon set
-From Akali with Love! emote
-Megadonor bundle (includes all of the above plus an exclusive Megadonor icon)

Riot will donate 100% of proceeds from these in-game items to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund at ImpactAssets, the company’s charitable financial partner. The Social Impact Fund is a nonprofit philanthropic fund set up by Riot Games but is a separate organization from the game developer and publisher.

The fund allows The Social Impact Fund to distribute money to local nonprofit organizations in communities around the world and directly support global doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers. Apart from that, the program will also aim to provide financial aid to families and individuals affected by the pandemic.

After the event, some fundraiser items will be removed from the store. The chromas may eventually come back in the game’s Gemstone shop, but won’t be available for direct purchase for some time. All skins, meanwhile, will remain available for purchase.


Written by Derpina