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Valve Extends Dota 2 Battle Pass Due To Server Issues

Posted 22nd June 2020 By: Derpina    174 Views

Valve Extends Dota 2 Battle Pass Due To Server Issues - Tipify

Esports News – Valve has extended the duration of the 2020 Dota 2 Battle Pass due to server issues. With an extra week at their disposal, Valve will try to stabilize Dota 2’s Game Coordinator and address issues such as the rise in disconnection rates, slow loading times, and connection errors.

In a recent tweet about the new update, Valve announced the extension: “We will be extending the Battle Pass end date by a week, from Sep 12 to Sep 19. We have also made a few improvements to the Game Coordinator today, and will continue to investigate some more clues related to the extreme load surge that happened at 4AM Seattle.”

Nearly a month after the Battle Pass release, players voiced out their complaints about the game’s servers. Due to multiple server errors, many players couldn’t play the game for a long period of time. Some even complained that they weren’t able to play Dota 2 for four days straight. Despite the previous leveling speed increase, issues hindered players from increasing the level of their Battle Pass.

The extended Battle Pass duration allows players to make up for lost battles they don’t have a hand in. They can level up, earn a few rewards, and unlock more items before Valve wraps up the Battle Pass and prepares for The International 10. Although Valve cleared that they wouldn’t give out free levels as compensation, players can gain more levels through extra Battle Pass time.

At press time, Valve continues to investigate the source of these server issues to improve the Game Coordinator. If you are still having connection problems, you can check your own connection by trying a practice game. If that’s not the case, wait for Valve’s next announcement regarding the update and try to avoid leveling up.

The Battle Pass was supposed to conclude in the second week of September, its usual time before The International begins. Now, Valve extended the feature and its monetization approach from September 12 to September 19. While players are given extra time to level up on their own, Valve hasn’t confirmed yet if they can buy bulk levels and items for the remaining week.


Written by Derpina