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FiReSPORTS, BLAST To Host FiRe League In Latin America

Posted 17th July 2020 By: Derpina    138 Views

FiReSPORTS, BLAST To Host FiRe League In Latin America - Tipify

Esports News – It’s time for Latin America to show what they can do at an international CS:GO tournament. FiReSPORTS, a newly-established Latin American esports organization, signed a partnership deal with BLAST Entertainment for the launch of FiRe League 2020, an exclusive tournament that features a $141,000 prize pool.

In a press release, FiReSPORTS founder and CEO Jerónimo Figueroa Reyes announced the launch of the event and how it can promote Latin American talents to the world: “Latin America has the same potential as the rest of the world, but no one has dared to bet on this region with this strength…With this, we also want to help brands to acknowledge the Latin American circuit and to value it as they do the rest of the regions.”

Reyes will work closely with BLAST CEO Robbie Douek for the launch of the event. Douek mentioned the potentials of the CS:GO community in Latin America in his interview: “There is a highly passionate and thriving CS:GO community in Latin America, we are really excited to be able to team up with FiReSPORTS.”

Tournament format

The tournament is scheduled for mid-September to kickstart the regional qualifiers for BLAST Premier Fall Showdown which will be held from November 25 to 29. Although FiRe League 2020 has no fixed date yet, FiReSPORTS confirmed that it will welcome a minimum of 24 CS:GO teams across three regions and multiple countries via invites and open qualifiers in August:

North – based in Mexico and including several Caribbean countries
Central – based in Colombia and including Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, and Panama
South – based in Argentina and including Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay

All competitions in the sub-regions offer a $18,000 prize money on the line and $6,000 in “social performance” bonuses for teams. The bonuses are based on social media fan engagement while the tournaments are going on.

The official and ultimate champion of FiReSPORTS receive the lion’s share of the prize pool and a spot at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown which features a $325,000 prize pool.

Confirmed teams:

9z (South America)
River Plate (Argentina)
Real Betis SA (Argentina)
Isurus (Argentina)
Coscu Army (Argentina)
Furious (Argentina)
Wygers AR (South America)


Written by Derpina